Football Leather Moto X

The new Moto X has been available from Verizon for a few weeks now, but today they're offering up a sweet new exclusive for football fans. A new football leather-backed Moto X is available now online and in stores for just $119.99 after a $50 on-contract rebate.

If wood or "regular" leather aren't you thing, you can snag the sweet looking football leather backing for your Moto X instead. In true Big Red fashion, you'll still be stuck with a Verizon logo on the back of the device however. The football leather is still a totally cool option for fans of the game, or even those just looking for something a bit different. Verizon says the exclusive device is available now, though we're not yet seeing it on their site.

Is the football leather a touchdown or a fumble for Verizon? Sound off in the comments!

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