You can never have enough space for data these days! Whether you're building your own media server, need a microSD card for a security camera, or want something for transferring files from one machine to another, today's Amazon daily deal featuring sales from SanDisk and WD has got you covered. In this sale you will find thumb drives, hard drives, portable solid state drives, microSD cards, and more all ranging from a few gigabytes to multiple terabytes. And all going for super low prices.


SanDisk and WD microSD cards, flash drives, hard drives, and more

This sale includes hard drives, flash drives, microSD cards, and even personal cloud storage devices. You can get low-capacity flash drives or 10TB hard drives, and they are all down to super low prices covered by full warranties.

Various Prices

Big things come in small packages

Grab the SanDisk Extreme 512GB microSDXC card with an adapter for $79.99. This card was selling for around $150 at the beginning of November. That's a huge capacity card for such an inexpensive price. It's also a super fast card with read and write speeds up to 160 MB/s and 90 MB/s. It has enough space for recording 4K video and it's rated for fast loading app performance. SanDisk covers it with a lifetime warranty.

High Capacity

SanDisk 512GB microSD card

SanDisk Extreme 512GB microSDXC card

The capacity is so large you'll want to make sure your devices support a card this high. Wherever you can use it, this is a great way to store the sort of data you only need temporarily like music or movies. It will also work with games for a device like the Nintendo Switch.

$79.99 $150 $70 off

Internal and super fast

Save $30 on the super fast WD Black 500GB NVMe M.2 internal solid state drive during today's sale. The SSD normally goes for around $120, but today's drop to $89.99 matches the lowest price we've ever seen. The read/write speeds go up to 3470 MB/s, which is crazy fast considering how inexpensive this SSD is. It also comes with its own heatsink to maintain peak performance.

Step up your internals

WD Black SSD

WD Black 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD

If you haven't upgraded to an NVMe M.2 SSD in your desktop PC yet, you should. The speeds are crazy, and these things do not take up a lot of room. Move your operating system to the SSD and it'll load so fast you won't be able to take a break.

$89.99 $120 $30 off

You can take it with you

Portable SSDs are so much better than portable HDDs because they have no moving parts. Your data will last a lot longer on the move since SSDs can't get knocked around as much. The SanDisk Extreme 2TB portable SSD is down to $199.99 from a street price of $270. Before today, the lowest it had ever gone was $250.

Portable Storage

SanDisk Extreme

SanDisk Extreme 2TB portable solid state drive

This is a rugged portable drive that's water resistant, dust resistant, and shock resistant. It can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations, too. That way when you're traveling with this SSD you know it's keeping your data safe. Works with PC and Mac.

$199.99 $270 $70 off

The options don't stop here. Check out the rest of the sale before these prices expire tonight.

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