Update: This offer is still available for a limited time. Be sure to take advantage of it now!

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are here! Excited? You should be. And you should be even more excited about saving some money on the one you want the most because Sprint is offering the Note 10 for $19.79 a month and the Note 10+ for $26.04 a month. That's a $19.80 promo credit applied every month, basically bringing the Note 10 down to 50% off its regular price.

A real incentive

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone

Early adopters are going to love all the deals we're seeing for the brand new Note 10 and Note 10+. You can save over $356 by signing up for the phones through Sprint right now.

Save $19.80 a month

The deal requires signing up on the Flex Lease, an 18-month commitment. You will need approved credit, and these phones require a new line of service. After that time is up, you can return the phone and upgrade to a new model or buy the rest of the price of the phone. If you choose to buy out the phone instead of upgrading to whatever new phone is out at the time, you can either pay off the rest in one lump sum or choose a six-month payment plan.

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We already know quite a bit about the new Galaxy Note 10. Read our hands-on preview here and learn about what makes these phones so special. The phones might do away with the headphone jack, and the smaller Note 10 did away with the SD card slot, but they make up for it in a lot of other ways. Wireless charging is faster, the S Pen is even better, the displays are beautiful, and the cameras can work wonders.

You can really narrow down the differences between both phones with this article and learn how to take advantage of that faster wireless charging right here.

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