Best answer: Despite the Note 10+ using open standards for its 45W fast-charging, the only charger we can be sure will charge the phone at full speed is the official Samsung fast-charger. The PPS standard isn't included in many chargers right now, and many listings claiming to have PPS are inaccurate at the moment.

Open standards aren't always easy standards

When Samsung said the Note 10+ was going to charge via USB Power Delivery, I was so happy, I could sing. PD chargers are everywhere these days, and I have them scattered about my apartment and gear bags so that it's easy to get a quick top-off. But then came the word that PD wasn't enough; Samsung also requires a charger with PPS (Programmable Power Supply) and an e-marked cable.

PD PD everywhere, but not an amp to charge...

PPS is a standard that's predicated on Power Delivery 3.0, but it's still pretty new and is hardly used by anyone yet. Worse still, there are many chargers out there that say they're "Power Delivery 3.0(PPS QC2.0)", but aren't actually PPS. Even name brand products have had PPS listed in their spec sheets without it actually being in the product.

When spec sheets lie and false hopes abound, sometimes it's better to just grab the official charger and wait for third-party chargers to catch up. I have little doubt that 45W PPS chargers will become more plentiful in the coming months, but right now, I've hit the point where I just don't trust any charger enough to recommend without testing it myself.

And so, if you want to charge the Note 10+ at 45W, buy Samsung's official 45W charger. It's just the only safe bet at this time.

First-party fast charger

Samsung 45W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger

Samsung's official PD charger is surprisingly compact and affordable for a first-party fast charger. It's also the only charger we're confident will charge the Note 10+ at top speed.

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