Best 45W USB-C Chargers for Galaxy Note 10+ Android Central 2019

The Galaxy Note 10+ is a big upgrade over the Note 9 when it comes to fast charging, jumping from QuickCharge 2.0 to 45W Power Delivery charging. I'm exceedingly happy with this choice for a number of reasons, but the chief among them being that 45W PS chargers are easy as pie to get ahold of without spending an arm and a leg, and you can use them on a wide, wide variety of devices, including Chromebooks and other USB-C laptops. Here are the best 45W chargers for your Note 10+ and all of your other tech, too.

First-party fast charger: Samsung 45W USB-C Fast Charging Wall Charger

Staff pick

Samsung's official PD charger is surprisingly compact and surprisingly affordable for a first-party fast charger. Good on you, Samsung, you did good here. It loses a few points for not having folding prongs, but it's still powerful and petit.

$50 at Samsung

Slim, sleek power: RAVPower 45W GaN PD USB-C Charger

This charger uses gallium nitride to shrink down the size of some if its parts, and the result is a 45W charger the size of a standard card deck. This is the charger I carry in my gear bag around the parks because it's the perfect size for pocket portability.

$40 at Amazon

Value pick: iClever 45W USB Type C Power Delivery Wall Charger

This 45W charger is bigger and bulkier, to be sure, but for a 45W charger under $20, it doesn't get much better than this iCleaver model. It's roughly the size of a MacBook charger and features protection against overheating and overcharging.

$14 at Amazon

Cool under pressure: Anker PowerPort 60W USB-C Power Adapter

Anker's PowerPort charger is more powerful than you actually need for the Note 10+, but it'll charge your Note 10+ at top speed without overcharging it. Anker's contruction and materials help it stay cooler while charging than most other PD chargers.

$37 at Amazon

Understated black: Nekteck USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery

This compact charger brick is a bit shorter than the normal square bricks we tend to see in this class of charger, and while the charger itself is fairly plain, Nekteck's charger is quick and reliable. It also sells a version with a cable pre-attached, but I prefer this model.

$17 at Amazon

Charge everything: AUKEY 74.5W 3-Port Wall Charger with 46W Power Delivery

AUKEY sells a version of this charger that's just a single-port USB-C 45W charger, but for a few dollars more, I suggest grabbing this multi-port version, which offers 46W Power Delivery charging, a Qualcomm QC 3.0 port, and an extra USB-A port for charging accessories.

$57 at Amazon

Dual-wielding: Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 60W 2-Port USB C Charger

This multi-port device is a great option for Note 10+ owners that have a Chromebook or MacBook. You can get the full 45W charging when just charging the phone alone, or get 30W to both devices at once. When you need to charge it all, it'll still be a decently fast charge.

$55 at Amazon

Extra port: RAVPower 61W Type C PD 3.0 Power Adapter

This two-port charger will still charge at 45W Power Delivery even when you have a second phone plugged into the USB-A "Smart 2.0" port, and when plugged into USB-C alone, this can charge most modern laptops at top or at least a decent rate of speed.

$37 at Amazon

Cable included: ZMI PowerPlug Turbo 45W Wall Charger

This 45W charger is like the Google Pixelbook charger for a third of the price, complete with a 5-foot C-to-C cable. You may not have ever heard of ZMI, but this is the US branded-version of the powerful charger that comes with many Xiaomi devices.

$20 at Amazon

A charger for all your tech

The beauty of the Note 10+ using Power Delivery charging is that if you pick the right charger, it can charge all of your tech from your phone and laptop to your smaller accessories and speakers.

For single-port 45W chargers, it doesn't get much better than the downright petit RAVPower 45W GaN Wall Charger, which when paired with a travel-ready USB-C cord like the Anker Powerline+ C-to-C cable makes for an unbeatable combo for charging up wherever you can.

On the multi-port hand, having a charger with both USB-C Power Delivery and USB-A fast charging gives you one charger that can quickly charge just about any device you throw at it, past, present, and future. If you specifically need Qualcomm QuickCharge, the AUKEY 74.5W Charger is about as good as it gets, with one PD port, one QC port, plus an extra smart charing USA-port.

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