Battery cases aren't for everyone. While they can more than double the amount of use you get from your Galaxy S6, these cases are built to pack power that generally doesn't come in a small package — and the TYLT ENERGI Battery Case is a prime example. Those seeking the extra protection and battery life, however, may find just what they're looking for with this battery case.

The TYLT ENERGI Battery Case for the Galaxy S6 comes with a flexible hybrid shell that features fused polycarbonate and TPU materials, along with the actual battery case that your cased S6 slips into. The slim cover on its own is actually nice to use on the device, adding a firm grip and an easy press with its raised side buttons. There's complete access to the camera, speaker, and ports, too. When you're ready to rock the battery case, simply slide the Galaxy S6 from the top into the base of the cover until it's completely seated.

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When the case is assembled with your Galaxy S6 inside, it's about .76-inches thick, turning the device into a beefy brick. The battery case features a smooth exterior with a TYLT logo embedded across the middle. At the bottom is a button with a series of LED lights that indicate how much battery remains in the case. With a single press, they light up for a few seconds before switching off again. Since this battery case is actually works with wireless chargers, you can juice it up on its own, or with your Galaxy S6 inside without the need for cables.

Most microUSB chargers should fit fine while the battery case is worn — including the one bundled with the case — but without a 3.5mm extension, fitting most auxiliary cables is going to be a bust. The fact that TYLT doesn't include an extension is kind of a big deal here, and as difficult as it is to detach the Galaxy S6 from the battery case — even that's not a viable solution. Since the speaker and microphone are covered up, TYLT's added 2 speaker openings on the front. The sound quality coming through isn't terrible, but reports of questionable quality during phone calls was a bit of a disappointment.

TYLT ENERGI vs Incipio offGRID

Putting these two Galaxy S6 battery cases side by side, the difference in size is pretty substantial. Incipio's offGRID Battery Case adds both a microSD card slot to expand memory and an extra 300mAh of battery life compared to TYLT's ENERGI Case. While the offGRID doesn't support wireless charging, Incipio does include a microUSB cable and 3.5mm extension in the package. Bottom line here: the Incipio offGRID is slimmer, provides more battery life, and a way to expand memory for only 10 bucks more than the bulkier ENERGI Case.

The verdict

TYLT's ENERGI Case does what it's advertised to do, but is far from slim — especially for the features it's lacking compared to its competition. If you don't mind the bulk and absolutely refuse to give up wireless charging, it's probably suitable for you. Otherwise, steer towards the Incipio offGRID Battery Case for a more reasonable and feature-rich solution.