Turtleback Leather Holsters for Galaxy S6

Whether you're headed to work, a fancy dinner or just need a presentable case at your side that compliments your Samsung Galaxy S6 (or S6 edge), these premium bonded leather cases from Turtleback are choice — made in the USA and roomy enough to accommodate the bulkiest of the bunch.

We're always getting requests from customers hunting for an extended holster that will fit their cased Galaxy S6 over at ShopAndroid, and finding that perfect fit can be challenge — especially without seeing first hand how your device sits inside. These new arrivals from Turtleback Case include an extended fit horizontal leather holster and vertical holster, perfect for a variety of beefy covers like an OtterBox, Lifeproof or Trident. If you're still unsure, we've got inner dimensions and closer looks at these quality holsters.

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Turtleback Case Horizontal Leather Extended Holster

This horizontal holster is made of a premium black leather that features precise stitching from front to back — perfect for indoors or out. The holster itself is smooth to the touch, yet sturdy at your side with easy access to the top flap. The 2-inch rear belt clip is also wrapped in leather and fixed to the case — leaving swivel options out of the picture, but plays a big role in the overall slimness of the holster. There's a 1-inch opening in the middle bottom of the case, which can be used for pushing your device up and out of the holster if needed.

Inside you'll find a soft felt fabric that helps keep your Galaxy S6's display free from scratches and wear — assuming your current case doesn't already have a built-in screen protector. The main flap is secured by two magnets, one at each end, and keeps the Galaxy S6 safely inside no matter the hustle and bustle. We used 3 different bulky cases around the Galaxy S6 with both of these holsters including the Trident Kraken A.M.S, Seidio DILEX Pro, and the OtterBox Defender (sans holster) — each proving to be a comfortable fit.

Interior Dimensions

  • 6.5" x 3.25" x 1/2"

Exterior Dimensions

  • 7" x 3.75" x 3/4"

Turtleback Case Vertical Leather Extended Holster

For those who prefer to keep things straight, the vertical extended holster shares majority of the same features from its sideways sibling — apart from the bottom opening which isn't as necessary with the extended access on the sides. Everything from the 2-inch leather-wrapped belt clip to the dual magnetic closure is included for all your holstering needs. We did notice, however, that this holster has a little extra wiggle room compared to the other. So, for a tighter fit you'd probably want to roll with the horizontal holster.

Interior Dimensions

  • 6" x 3.25" x 5/8"

Exterior Dimensions

  • 6.5" x 3.75" x 1"

Final thoughts

I don't normally wear leather holsters myself, but I can appreciate the excellent quality of both of these options from Turtleback Case. Keep in mind that without a bulky case around your Galaxy S6, you're going to have a lot of extra room in these holsters — making for a floppy fit.

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