Droid Charge Accessories 

So you've picked up your brand new Samsung Droid Charge, and surely protecting your investment is a top priority.  The good news is that the hottest Samsung Droid Charge accessories are available right here, and we lay them all out for you to pick and choose what accessory options are best for your Samsung Droid Charge.

And rounding out the five most popular Samsung Droid Charge accessories, we have:

And we're just getting started. Head on past the break for our top choices.

Our top accessories for the Samsung Droid Charge

The Samsung Droid Charge is easily one of the most talked about LTE devices since its initial announcement during CES in early January. With large popularity comes a large demand for accessories, so here we've broken it down by category, making accessorizing your Samsung Droid Charge a simple task.

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Below you'll find some of our top accessory picks for the Samsung Droid Charge from those of us here at the site and in the forums. Whether it be chargers, cases, Bluetooth headsets, memory cards or even car kits for the Droid Charge, you won't be unprepared utilizing your new Samsung Droid Charge to its full potential.

Best Samsung Droid Charge cases

Mobi Products Hard Shell Case
Mobi Products
Hard Shell Case

Mobi Skin Case
Mobi Products
Skin Case

Mobi Products Crystal Case
Mobi Products
Crystal Case

OverBoard Waterproof Case
Waterproof Case

Choosing which case is best for your Samsung Droid Charge can be rather confusing, especially when you're not sure which style case suits you and your Droid Charge the most. There's a large variety ranging from hard cases, skins, waterproof cases, leather cases -- the whole nine. The Mobi Products Hard Shell Case stands out because of the amount of color options available. The plastic molding isn't quite 100 percent, but the fact is that it will protect your Samsung Droid Charge when and if it decides to slip from your hands and hits the ground.

There are always the more simple solutions, such as the Mobi Products Skin Case for the Samsung Droid Charge.  This perfectly molded silicone case slips right over your Droid Charge and features cutouts for all of the device's features.  The rubber texture of this skin case allows you to get a firm grip around your Droid Charge keeping any accidental drops to a minimum.  

Now if you prefer the bare look of the Samsung Droid Charge, then the Mobi Products Crystal Case may be the best solution for you.  Made of a thin, but durable plastic the crystal case is completely transparent, and allows all of the features of the Droid Charge to leak through while still offering the solid protection of the Droid Charge Hard Case.

There's an adventurer inside every Android user, so why let a restriction like water inhibit you from using your Samsung Droid Charge while enjoying your weekend activities?  The OverBoard Waterproof case for the Samsung Droid Charge lets you do just that.  Featuring a tight seal and transparent front and back, you can make and receive calls with your Samsung Droid Charge while soaking wet, without having to worry about damaging your Droid Charge.

 Best Chargers for the Samsung Droid Charge

Samsung Micro-USB Wall Charger
Samsung Micro-USB
Wall Charger

Motorola Dual Port Car Charger
Motorola Dual Port
Car Charger

SPE Retractable Micro-USB Cable
SPE Retractable
Micro-USB Cable

Keeping your Samsung Droid Charge powered up is going to be a top priority, so in turn you'll want the best charging solutions available for your smartphone.  While there are many options available for keeping your Droid Charge charged for daily use, here we narrow it down to the basic essentials of a wall charger, car charger and USB cable.

A wall charger for the Samsung Droid Charge may be the single most important charging component in your accessory arsenal.  Useful for keeping at home, the office, and traveling- the Samsung Micro-USB Wall Charger for the Samsung Droid Charge will ensure that your device always have ample power when you need it the most.

You'll likely be utilizing your Samsung Droid Charge quite often when traveling from point A to B in your vehicle, and as a result your battery life can quickly diminish.  This can be a huge problem not having access to a wall outlet, so keeping a car charger for your Samsung Droid Charge readily available when you travel is a great idea.  The Motorola Dual Port Car Charger for the Samsung Droid Charge offers the ability to not only charge one device, but two.  A great solution for charging a bluetooth headset as well as your Droid Charge at the same time.

Transferring data to and from your Samsung Droid Charge and computer will be a common occurrence, so keeping a micro-USB cable handy will ensure you keep your Droid Charge powered up while syncing data at the same time.  The SPE Micro-USB Retractable Cable for Samsung Droid Charge is a simple and compact cable that is great for traveling due to it's retractable design.

Best Samsung Droid Charge Bluetooth Headsets and Speakerphones

Plantronics Voyager PRO for Samsung Droid Charge
Plantronics Voyager
PRO+ Bluetooth Headset

Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for Samsung Droid Charge
Motorola S9-HD
Bluetooth Stereo
Blueant S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker for Samsung Droid Charge
Blueant S4 Bluetooth
Stereo Speaker

As much as you'll love talking on your Samsung Droid Charge, you'll want to play it safe and make your life easier by going handsfree with a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone.  While Samsung Droid Charge bluetooth headsets will allow you to walk and talk freely, speakerphones for the Droid Charge are essential for traveling- enabling you to make and receive calls, listen to music, and even store your contacts on.

Best Car Accessories for the Samsung Droid Charge

 iGrip Universal Fit Sturdy Swivel Mount for Samsung Droid Charge
iGrip Universal Fit
Sturdy Swivel Mount
 Arkon Weighted Dash Mount and Holder for Samsung Droid Charge
Arkon Weighted Dash
Mount and Holder
Arkon CM920 Gooseneck Mount for Samsung Droid Charge
Arkon Gooseneck 
Mount and Holder

While traveling you'll want to keep a safe and secure mounting solution for your Samsung Droid Charge in your vehicle at all times.  The iGrip Universal Fit Sturdy Swivel Mount for the Droid Charge can be mounted on either your dash or windshield and is completely adjustable for different viewing angles.

For those who have plenty of room on their dash, the Arkon Weighted Dash Mount and Holder for the Samsung Droid Charge is a great mounting solution.  This car mount keeps your Droid Charge secure from bumps in the road with its weighted base and locking clamps.

Lastly the Arkon Gooseneck Mount and Holder for the Samsung Droid Charge is your classic windshield-style mount that features a secure suction cup mount that attaches to any portion of your vehicles windshield and allows the gooseneck to be adjusted to what viewing angle of your Droid Charge is most comfortable to you.

Other Samsung Droid Charge accessories

 Smartphone Experts Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Samsung Droid Charge
Smartphone Experts
Microfiber Cloth
Smartphone Experts Stereo Headsets (3.5mm) for Samsung Droid Charge
Smartphone Experts
Stereo Headset

SanDisk 32GB microSDHC Card for Samsung Droid Charge
SanDisk 32GB
microUSB card

And rounding out our top accessories for the Samsung Droid Charge, we've got a trio of items that are too often overlooked.

Fingerprints and smudges are the bane of the Samsung Droid Charge's touchscreen, so you'll want to keep your display as clean as possible throughout the day.  These Smartphone Experts Microfiber Cloths for the Droid Charge are the perfect size for keeping in your pocket and offer and soft and delicate way to remove unwanted smudges from your Droid Charge's display.

The Smartphone Experts Stereo Headset for the Samsung Droid Charge lets you listen to music and has a microphone so you can take calls without having to remove it from your ears.

The SanDisk 32GB microUSB card for Droid Charge means you'll have plenty of room on your Samsung Droid Charge for pictures, movies, music, apps and more.

The wrap up

So there you have it, our look at our top accessories for the Samsung Droid Charge. Cases, bluetooth, chargers, car accessories -- everything you need to get the most use out of your Droid Charge, and keep it safe at the same time.