If you've been holding out on that Fitbit Charge 2, today's news might finally entice you to try one out — especially if you're like the rest of humanity and you're attempting to make 2017 your "year of fitness." I know I am for the tenth time!

Fitbit launched a massive update to the Charge 2's firmware that enables six new major feature additions. They include (in handy list form):

  • Workout pause function
  • Guided breathing vibration cues
  • Do Not Disturb option
  • Improved Heart-rate zone display
  • On-device battery life
  • New clock face

Let's be honest, you'll keep the fitness regimen up for about two weeks until you give up and realize that old habits die hard. After all, there's nothing more comforting than eating a bucket of fried chicken while snuggling on the couch with the latest reality television. We work too hard to do anything else.

Fitbit has also bundled in five more features on top of the aforementioned list that require just a little more explaining. They include intuitive intervals, which vibrates the band when it's time to transition to your next set of weights, for instance; workout recaps that last an hour after you've finished, so you can study your progress after the fact; smarter, simpler notifications; caller identification, so that you can ignore any unknown callers interrupting your workout; and message prioritization — because you want to hear from the kids, but not from your husband.

This update is also particularly good news for those of you who may have already purchased a Fitbit Charge 2 for a pal or family member. Be sure to include an enthusiastic "update before using!" message in the Christmas card, so that the gift receiver knows they can do more than just track their steps with this Very Thoughtful Gift.

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