Select Verizon Wireless customers can get Apple Music for free

Starting on January 17th, select Verizon Wireless subscribers will get Apple Music for free. The offer is extended to users Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans. Typically, Apple Music costs $10 per month, but those lucky customers will be getting the service for exactly $0 extra. It'll be bundled in with your plan and won't change or end until your plan does.

It's worth noting that Above Unlimited and Beyond Unlimited plans are some of the network's most expensive. However, if you have a Go Unlimited plan, you're not going to be left out entirely. You can get a six-month trial of Apple Music for free. That's twice as long as the usual free trial.

Apple Music gives you access to 50 million songs with no ads. You can download the tracks to play them offline, listen across all of your devices, and get exclusive and original content. Getting all that for free sounds like a pretty great deal to me.

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Louryn Strampe

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