The Asus 10.1-inch Chromebook Flip is down to $249 on Amazon. It normally sells for around $270 and has recently been selling as high as $300. This drop matches what it sold for on Black Friday and has hit a couple times since. It's the lowest price ever and a great deal.

The Flip features a flexible 360-degree hinge and a touchscreen, allowing it to be used in either tablet, stand or laptop mode. Housed in a sleek, aluminum metal body, it weighs just two pounds and is only .6 of an inch thick. Its battery can last for up to nine hours on a single charge.

It has 4GB RAM and 16GB of storage, though there's also a microSD card port allowing you to beef up how much storage it has. You can pick up one of these 64GB memory cards for only $23 with the money you save. You'll definitely want one considering this computer has access to the Google Play store, allowing you to easily download tons of apps and games straight to the device as if it were an Android smartphone.

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