One of the biggest perks of having a PlayStation Plus membership is the free games you get every month. The free PlayStation Plus games offered this month include three major titles, all available on either the PS4 or PS5. Check out the list of games below, with downloads available starting December 7. Enjoy the price of free until January 3, 2022.

Godfall Challenger Edition

★Unleash magic on your enemies: Godfall: Challenger Edition (PS5 & PS4)

Godfall: Challenger Edition doesn't launch until December 7, and it will arrive right on PlayStation Plus when it does. This version of the game comes with a few bonuses for fans, including the aility to jump your character straight to Player leverl 50, the ability to dive right into the endgame, and a handful of new boss rewards that have also been included.

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Lego Dc Super Villains

★ Fun for everyone: LEGO DC Super-Villain (PS4)

One of the latest new entries in the DC lego adventure games allows players to try their hand at playing as some of the more iconic villains to ever grace the world of DC comics. characters like the Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and countless others are available to play as you look to take on a group of newly formed superheroes.

$60 at PlayStation Store
Mortal Shell

Face off against fearsome foes: Mortal Shell

$30 at PlayStation Store

Mortal Shell is a soulslike game that pits players against some tough and unforgiving enemies. The single-player action-RPG has many elements of a Souls game, including demanding some precise movements from players, instinctual movement in combat, and lore that can be explained through exploration and taking down some of the fierce bosses in the game.

The Persistence Psvr

Repair the ship and find your way home: The Persistence (PSVR)

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The Persistence tasks its players with stepping onto a seemingly doomed starship while trying to make it out safely. Along the way, you'll encounter a variety of enemies, including various mutated monsters and more.

The Walking Dead Saints Sinners Ps

Face the zombie horde: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Standard Edition (PSVR)

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The iconic horror franchise arrives as a PlayStation Plus title slightly after Halloween, but it'll still be a fun title to dive into if you're in the mood to be scared. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners takes place in New Orleans ruins and has players sneaking about and trying to make it from one safe location to the next amidst a zombie-infested world.

Until You Fall Psvr

Stand tall: Until You Fall (PSVR)

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Until You Fall is a fantasy game mixed with the world of synthwave. In this sword-fighting title, you'll face off against some magic-infused monstrosities in a roguelite atmosphere. While playing, you're tasked with moving your body and moves in time with the beat of the synthwave playing, resulting in some memorable fights.

The best exclusives for PlayStation Plus this month

Exclusives are free bonus content available on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It's usually a character or weapon skin, but sometimes you might catch a deal for exclusive content like bonus weapons, in-game currency, or perks! Every month we'll update this section with the best PlayStation Plus exclusives so you never miss any of the good stuff.

Rocket League Ps Plus

Grab some gear: Rocket League PlayStation Plus Pack

With Rocket League soon becoming free-to-play, now is the best time for players to pick up this Rocket League pack free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The pack includes four unique customization items, including new wheels, smoke boost, trail, and a new banner for your car.

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The best deals for PlayStation Plus this month

Outside of free games and exclusive content, PlayStation Plus accounts also come with discounts on select games. Each month, we'll let you know the best deals for PlayStation Plus accounts by comparing prices, deals, and content.

Call Of Duty Combat Pack

It's a celebration: Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War - Combat Pack (In the Dark)

Call of Duty's Warzone game mode is all the rage lately, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can grab some free bonus items to take into battle. The latest Combat Pack for Warzone includes an Epic Operator Skin for Sebastian Vargas, an Epic SMG Blueprint, an Epic Wrist Accessory, a Rare Sticker, a Legendary Calling Card, and a 60-minute Double XP Token.

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Which is your favorite game you've gotten for free with PlayStation Plus?

December brings another month of variety for PlayStation Plus subscribers, as a handful of big titles arrive to the service for free. First, Godfall: Challenger Edition is a brand new title that gives players the chance to dive into an extremely popular looter slasher with a headstart.

Elsewhere in this month's lineup, DC Lego Super-Villains is a fun game to dive into for those looking for the chaotic fun of a LEGO title. Finally, Mortal Shell is the perfect game for those who are looking to scratch the itch of a Soulslike game before Elden Ring launches next year.

All in all, these games still represent a ton of different genres for fans to check out for no extra cost, which is what PlayStation Plus is all about. So let us know which game you've loved and which one you're excited about this month. Shoot us a Tweet over at @AndroidCentral and tell us all about it.

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