One of the biggest perks of having a PlayStation Plus membership is the free games you get every month. I've got a list of the games PlayStation is offering this month, and I'm very happy to see some VR and Vita games on this list. Start downloading these games, and enjoy your free games for the month of February!

Starblood Arena

Starblood Arena is a PSVR game where you go through a universe in a spaceship and take on aliens in different worlds. It's great to see PlayStation giving out free games for the VR, and this is a great one.

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Save the world as Knack, an unlikely hero that humans never knew they needed. Take on the goblins as you play as Knack to save all humans, or at least so you think.

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Take on multiple puzzles in the land of riME as a young boy who woke up from a treacherous storm. Search for hidden items throughout this world and solve puzzles as you travel this enchanting world.

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Grand Kingdom

Play through this RPG as you fight the war for Resonail's future with other characters you meet on the way. Whether you play through the campaign to learn the secrets of this war, or playing online against other players, Grand Kingdom is a great tactical game you will surely enjoy.

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Spelunker HD

Play this game with up to six of your friends either in retro 2D mode or modern 3D. Take on enemies, unlock vaults, and collect treasure in Spelunker HD.

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Mugen Souls Z

Become Chou-Chou, the God of the universe, and gather your friends as you stop threats to your universe. Gather new and old friends as you protect the universe with the ultimate God Syrma.

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Exile's End

This 90's-style cinematic platformer takes you through a foreign alien planet. Solve puzzles and explore your way throughout this place, using your diverse range of weapons to take down all your enemies.

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Which is your favorite game you've gotten for free with PlayStation Plus?

Let us know which game you've loved and which one you're excited for this month!

Updated February 2018: We've added the February free games!

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