Samsung's smartphones are already beastly enough — they play games, they're capable of live YouTube broadcasts, and you can use any of the latest models for virtual reality.

That hasn't stopped the rumor mill from mongering about the apparent "Beast mode" packaged into the Galaxy S8. According to a Dutch Samsung fan site, Samsung has filed a trademark for this particular feature in the European Union, which suggests that it's something that will come standard with the company's next flagship. But that doesn't make much sense, considering the name itself and the implications.

The Galaxy S8 will likely already have top-of-the-line performance when it debuts — it's a marquee device, after all — and the tip line already points to a 10nm architecture for the new flagship Exynos chip, which will supposedly increase the chip's efficiency without compromising performance. Why would it need a "Beast mode"?

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There are also rumors the Galaxy S8 will be packed with a whopping 8GB of memory, which sounds like a bit of an overkill at this point in time. Sure, the latest OnePlus devices are equipped with 6GB, but as some users had pointed out, they were hardly ever at capacity before the software update this past summer.

Next year is proving to be an interesting one. Not only will Samsung have to turn the narrative around on its smartphone business — well, maybe not too much — but the company may also opt out of announcing its Next Big Thing at the annual smartphone show in Barcelona. Regardless of when Samsung decides to debut, it's doubtful that something like a "Beast mode" would become a major marketing ploy for a company that recalled its last phone for randomly bursting into flames. Samsung would be better off introducing a "cuddly rabbit mode."

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