Which Amazon Kindle should you buy this Prime Day?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids held in hand
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Which Amazon Kindle should you buy this Prime Day?

Best answer: Amazon's wildly popular Kindle Paperwhite is already a steal, and the Prime Day sales are sure to sweeten the deal. It's easily the best Kindle you can buy this Prime Day.

Choosing the right Kindle for your needs

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

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The last generation Kindle Paperwhite (2018) is already on sale at an unbelievably great price right now, thanks to pre-Prime Day sales. Amazon has promised up to 55% off the Kindle Paperwhite series and various Amazon devices like Alexa speakers, Echo Show displays, and other smart home gadgets. When it comes to e-readers, I'm really hoping to see a drop in price for the Kindle Paperwhite (11th Gen). It's the best Kindle device that you can buy this Prime Day.

The 6.8-inch Amazon Kindle Paperwhite carries a robust IPX8 waterproof rating, and the battery lasts for ages. You'll really enjoy the Paperwhite's excellent paper feel. The front lit display offers brilliant contrast, and there are seemingly endless customization options when it comes to fonts, line spacing, brightness, warmth, built-in dictionaries, note-taking capabilities, and more. Now that ePub file format support is on its way, there's nothing more to hold you back from buying a Kindle.

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite (2021) is lightweight and portable, making for the perfect holiday reading buddy. You don't even have to remember to charge it while travelling, and the updated USB-C port means that you can just use your phone's Type-C charger if the need crops up. Since the e-ink display is glare-free, it is supremely comfortable to read whether you're in a bus or a plane, in bright daylight or in the dark of the night. The Kindle Paperwhite's 6.8-inch screen size hits the right balance, as it isn't too small to make reading difficult nor too big to make it harder to stow away inside your carry-on.

If the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition goes on sale, I'd suggest you grab one of these babies in a heartbeat.

Apart from the regular Kindle Paperwhite, there are two more variations that you can grab. There's the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids (11th Gen) which comes with fun covers and a year's worth of Amazon Kids+ free of charge, along with a generous two-year guarantee, as opposed to the regular version's year-long guarantee.

Then there's the upgraded Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. You get four times the amount of storage that you'd find on the regular base model Kindle Paperwhite, along with 10W Qi wireless charging. If the marvelous Paperwhite Signature Edition goes on sale, I'd suggest you grab one of these babies in a heartbeat. Wireless charging on an e-reader? Yes, please!

Kindle Paperwhite e-readers are some of the best E Ink tablets, built from the ground up to enhance your reading experience. Kindles have a lot going for them, and are already cheap enough as it is. Once Amazon so kindly hacks and slashes the price tag even further, it'll be the bargain of a century.

Other things to be mindful of when buying a Kindle

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition laying on the ground with water splashed on top of it

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Now that you know which Kindle you should buy this Prime Day, here are a few words of advice to help you get more for your money.

Watch out for Kindle Paperwhite bundles that we saw last year to get more value. Amazon's high-quality Kindle Paperwhite cases are usually included in these bundle deals along with a few extra goodies. You can expect to see chargers and cables included in some combo offers.

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition bundled with a wireless charger is what I'd personally watch out for, and so should you. The Amazon device and its wireless charger (sold separately) can cost a pretty penny when bought separately at the usual retail rates. Since this is Prime Day we're talking about, Lady Luck will surely favor us frugal folks with more affordable value packs, including the duo at a discounted price. Buckle up and ready your wallet!

Also, do keep an eye out for discounted subscriptions such as Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Kids+. Amazon might just throw in bonus plans along with Kindles in some bundle deals, and you don't want to miss out.

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