T-Mobile's Galaxy S II gets benchmarked

If you're one of the people who was worried about how the T-Mobile Galaxy S II would perform compared to the others, you can stop right about now.  T-Mobile had to go with a Qualcomm chip instead of the Exynos in order to use the HSPA+42 network, and most just assumed that it wouldn't match up.  As you can see, number-wise it sure does.

I'm not much for benchmarks, but if you hit the break and watch the video you'll notice everything is nice and smooth, just like we would want it to be.  I'll bet in real world use, you would never be able to tell the difference -- and that's the way it should be.  Nice job, Samsung!

Source: TMoNews

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  • That looks fine! My ATT SGSII got a 3450 on Quadrant. Nothing wrong with the T mobile Version! Have they announced off contract price? Might pick it up for my wife.
  • That just made me very excited. Bring it on T-Mobile, the fastest HSPA+ carrier in the USA. You completely blow AT&T out of the water.
  • I have to figure out a way to let them buy it at the discounted price
  • I am waiting for this bad boy.
  • Soo....a 1.5Ghz chip *almost* is comparable to the 1.2Ghz Samsung chip. Not exactly what I would call a good deal. From what I've heard, they are not using the Mali400 GPU either. If its the Adreno 220 it will be about 2/3rds of what the Samsung GPU is.
  • Manufacturers buy SOC which is short for System on chip. This is a combination of CPU+GPU and sometimes e.g. in case of qualcomm radios as well. SAmsung had to use Qualcomm S3 Chip for Tmobile GS2 as it has support for 42MBps HSDPA whereas samsung's own SOC Exynos does not. Qualcomm's snapdragon processor is a hybrid Cortex A8/A9 design that performs slightly lower than pure Cortex A9. A 1.2 GHz snapdragon should perform on par with a 1 GHz cortex A9 processor. Qualcomm has also made additional improvements in the original snapdragon design (S1) in the subsequent S2 and S3 versions. A 1.5GHz S3 should be on par or a little bit better than 1.2 GHz Exynos. As far as MAli400 is concerned it has actually not been shown to be the fastest mobile graphics chip yet. That prestige belongs to SGX 543MP2 chip found in Apple A5. Adreno 220 2 as fast as Adreno 205 which was on par with SGX 540 in real world tests. However, this version of s3 is running at 1.5 GHz (with presumably faster clocked Graphics chip as well)which means it will be faster than the regular Adreno 220 found in EVO3D, touchpad and sensation. I have no doubt that this chip will be very competitive performance wise as can be seen via the graphics portion of quadrant and nenamarks.
  • It was great to hear your opinion on this. I was worried after I got my T-Mobile GS2 and heard all the buzz about the Sprint/Att versions being so much better because of their Exynos processor. You just put me at ease with your info. If anything, I am noticing that my benchmark scores are better than the other versions :). Thanks
  • I would also like to add that you are buying an sGS 2 on tmobile and not a processor so the fact that this is a 1.5GHz dual core vs 1.2 GHz dual core on at&t is a moot point. What matters is that it is nearly identical in speed to its brethren on other networks while being able to support 42 Mbps speeds.
  • We need more benchmarks! Although that is a pretty impressive Quadrant score for an out-of-the-box Qualcomm chipset. Apparently Samsung optimizes them better than HTC does...
  • is that a baby or a circular saw in the background? if its a baby, he should put the phone down.
  • hahahaha! is that it? My Galaxy S II on AT&T with the 1.2 ghz dual core scored a 5770 on antutu benchmark.
  • You sir are a complete idiot. Antutu is not even the same as Quadrant. Edit: Also I'm pretty sure anyone who reads this site knows that your ATT branded SGS2 is a 1.2 dual core. I believe you need an iPhone. edit2: Just ran AnTuTu on my Euro SGS2, at stock speeds, on demand scaling on the cpu and cfq sheduler. 5989.