Spigen Wallet S case for the Galaxy S

Between Samsung Pay and third party digital wallets there is less need to carry your wallet with you everywhere you go. A few taps with the right app can replace your credit and loyalty cards at many stores with tap-and-pay terminals. If you need an in-between step before you fully embrace a digital wallet, Spigen may have a solution. The Wallet S phone case is designed to hold your Galaxy S7 and the most important cards from your wallet.


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The S7 clips securely into a hard-shell, non-removable plastic holder within a synthetic leather case. The leather edge of the folio extends a few millimeters around the inner shell giving your phone an extra buffer protecting it from drops and bumps. A flap opens and closes over top of your S7, which may eliminate the need for a screen protector.

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The leather cover is held firmly closed thanks to a magnetic clasp preventing your phone from accidentally flipping open when you're holding it. To get the best access to your phone's screen when texting or using an app, you need to fold the wallet flap all the way to the back of the phone so you can reach all corners of your screen with your thumbs.

The case adds to your phone's thickness, but also helps protect it, so it provides a good compromise between form and function.



If you're shopping for wallet cases then having places to keep your money and cards will definitely be important. The Wallet S has three sleeves on the inside of the cover flap to hold your credit and loyalty cards and your licence. The sleeves are flexible enough that you can double-up and add more than one card into each slot. Beneath the sleeves is a thin pocket, which you can use to hold cash (though it needs to be folded to fit properly).

Aside from the wallet features, this case also folds into a kickstand for convenient media viewing. This case was also designed to work with your Galaxy S7's wireless charging capabilities, but when you place this case on the charger, you might have to make a few adjustments to find its sweet spot.


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There are a few compromises you'll have to make if you want to have your phone case function as a case and a wallet. The inner plastic shell leaves access to all ports, the microphone, the speaker, and the power button on your S7. However, your volume buttons can't be easily adjusted unless your case is open, since the flap of the wallet case covers these.

When the case is open, the magnetic clasp curls slightly overtop of your screen. This could be distracting when you're trying to see itn, but you can tuck the clasp behind your phone and pin it there when the front flap is flipped open.

Your Galaxy S7's camera and health sensor are fully accessible and protected, thanks to tapering around the plastic shell and the thickness of the synthetic leather case.

The bottom line

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As far as wallet cases go, the Wallet S has all the features you want. The magnetic clasp can be a little annoying when you have the screen open, but it can be tucked out of the way so it does not hang over your screen when in use. This case works with wireless payment methods through Samsung Pay and third party services (assuming the merchant has a modern tap-and-pay terminal) but also provides a safety net by having a spot to store your payment cards as well. If you're looking for a good wallet case that doesn't significantly impact your phone's ease-of-use, the Wallet S is a good option.

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