Sony's Hi Res USB Turntable is $200 off and more affordable than ever before

Music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify are fantastic; it's crazy how you can listen to new music instantly and hear all your old favorites whenever you'd like for such a low monthly price. But if you're someone who still enjoys holding a physical album in your hand, reading liner notes and seeing all the extra images that are included, buying vinyl records is still the ultimate way to collect music you love. Thanks to a sale at Amazon, the Sony PSHX500 Hi Res USB Turntable can be the perfect companion to your record collection at a new low price of $298. It regularly sells for $498 and has never dropped anywhere near this low there until now.

Convert your records to portable, Hi-Res digital files from FLAC to WAV with Sony's PS-HX500 USB Turntable. It supports 33 and 45 rpm speeds, as well as both phono and line output. It also features an internal A/D converter.

Sony's PSHX500 is a bit different from many other turntables, in that it has the ability to convert your records to Hi-Res digital files. Simply plug it into your computer using the included USB cable and start spinning a record you want to convert. You can pick between exporting to various lossless file formats like WAV or FLAC and then add the files to your digital music library so you can listen on-the-go. Some artists release bonus tracks exclusively on vinyl, and having a turntable like this is one of the best ways to rip those songs so that you can listen to them later without having to throw on the whole album. Its internal A/D converter supports native conversion from analog to DSD 2.8 MHz or 5.6 MHz digital, and there's even software included which makes it easy to edit the tracks on a Windows or Mac computer.

This turntable supports both phono and line output, allowing you to play through the integrated amplifier or an external phono EQ, along with 33 and 45 rpm speeds.

Shipping at Amazon is free on this turntable, though you'd receive your order even faster with Amazon Prime. If you're not a member already, consider starting a free 30-day trial to see how it is and score free two-day shipping, as well as access to Prime Video, exclusive members-only discounts, and more.

Amazon is one of the best places to shop for new and used vinyl records. Now would be the perfect time to add a few to your cart so you're ready to start listening once your new Sony turntable arrives.

Alex Smith
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