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Android Central is two things (well, it's many things, but it's also two things): the feed, and all the great content that comes out of it; and the forums, which are incredibly popular and frequented by millions of people a month.

In the past, we haven't always done a great job showcasing some of the amazing conversations happening in the forums, and I think with a phone like the Galaxy S8 — and all the discussion it's prompting — we should change that. Comments are great (sometimes), but forums are essential.

So one such discussion happening right now is around two phones that aren't even out yet, but it's getting a lot of attention: Should you get the Galaxy S8, or wait until the Pixel 2?

02-22-2017 05:47 AM

I've been a Samsung guy since the S2. I've upgrade each year to the latest Galaxy and currently have the S7 edge. The S8 sounds like it's going to be an amazing phone based on the leaks thus far. Do I get it, or wait for the Pixel 2? It's the first time since the S2 I've thought about waiting. All over Android Central is "The Pixel is the Best Phone" available now. I don't believe...


A lot of the conversation stems around whether Google's second-generation Pixel hardware will stand up to what we've seen from the S8, since we know the software will be spare and simple, but also the latest of what Google has to offer.

03-27-2017 06:02 PM

One of the only advantage of the Pixel was Google Assistant. With it rolling out to all latest devices, what's left ? Hardware? It's hard to beat Samsung on this Software? Unless you're fond of Vanilla, Touchwiz has actually gotten better and LIGHTER. Plus, I don't trust Google for making a good looking and just because (a phone) is utilitarian does not mean it should be ugly...(IMO)


What do you think? Should you jump on the GS8 or wait a few months for the Pixel 2?

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