Should you buy a Chromebox in 2023?

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Should you buy a Chromebox in 2023?

Best answer: Yes. We don't see new Chromeboxes as often as we do Chromebooks. Because of the form factor, the current models make for excellent desktops that will have a longer useful life and are totally worth buying.

Chromeboxes are safe, secure, and easy desktops

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If you're asking yourself: Should I buy a Chromebox? Remember that, unlike a laptop, a Chromebox is always plugged in and has a fan to keep things a little cooler. That means Chromeboxes run a little hotter and harder than the same components found inside a laptop. It also means that today's Chromeboxes are going to handle whatever Chrome throws at them — including Android and Linux apps — just fine for the foreseeable future. 

Manufacturers tend to release new Chromebooks rapidly because they don't have that luxury, and we want to squeeze every bit of performance possible out of a battery-powered device.

Active cooling and no power restraints mean a Chromebox can do more with the same hardware inside.

As someone who often likes to chase specs, I know it's always tough to make a purchase when you know something new will arrive not too long after you've spent your money. But a Chromebox isn't one of the things you need to wait for. Of course, future models will have better processors and faster RAM, but you won't see much difference unless you go for the cheapest option or the very best option. And really, you should never do either when buying a Chromebox.

There are some great choices out there when it comes to buying, too. ASUS offers a Chromebox that can be configured to suit your needs no matter what you're trying to do with the Chromebox 4. Most users will be fine with one of the cheaper options, but power users can buy an Intel Core i7-powered model that's complete overkill in all the good ways. Unfortunately, you'll find the inexpensive models are often sold out.

Acer Chromebox with keyboard and mouse

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Another excellent choice comes from HP, which offers a good Chromebox with fast hardware capable of having plenty of documents open at the same time. Plus, HP is a name your company purchasing agent probably already knows well if you're looking for something for business.

If you're looking for a simple and secure desktop that offers the same familiar feeling you get from a Chromebook, now is a great time to shop. 

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