Instead of just looking at the DILEX Pro Case on its own, we figured why not throw in the DILEX Pro Holster for good measure. Seidio has really refined the design of their popular hybrid cover, including a sturdy metal kickstand on the back that has shown to hold up over cheap alternatives. Despite the fact that both layers aren't one solid piece, it looks and feels great around the Galaxy Note 5 — not bulky like the Pelican Voyager, for instance.

The inner TPU is tough, but flexible — featuring Seidio's HexGuard technology that helps to dissipate harsh impacts. The skin leaves complete access to the Note 5's camera, display, S-Pen, charging/auxiliary ports, speaker, and micrphone. Side buttons are raised for a precise press on both sides. The DILEX Pro can be installed skin first, or by simply popping in the Note 5 with both layers intact. The polycarbonate shell sports a smooth finish that's notorious for showing off fingerprints in just about any color. There are cutouts on both sides where the skin pokes through, adding to the DILEX Pro's excellent grip.

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Seidio DILEX Pro Combo for Galaxy Note 5

When you want to watch a movie or browse the web, use your fingernail to pop open the metal kickstand and set the device on its side for easy viewing. The kickstand itself is magnetic, which makes folding it back into place much easier than those that snap shut. Although the kickstand doesn't sit completely flush with the rest of the shell, it's only slightly raised, and doesn't affect the case's look or feel in a negative way. The shell wraps around the edges, leaving openings for the ports and TPU buttons to pop through.

Seidio DILEX Pro Combo for Galaxy Note 5

Those looking to get some belt clip action, the DILEX Pro Holster works great with the matching case, but doesn't fit the Note 5 naked. Its interior features a soft velvet material that ensures your display stays scratch-free. Two sturdy arms at the bottom keep the Note 5 from falling, while the top spring clip holds the rest. The plastic used on the holster is easy to grip which is nice — even if it spends most of its time clipped to your belt or pocket. The alligator clip can be rotated 90-degrees in either direction and fits belts up to 1.87-inches in width comfortably.

For excellent impact protection without going nuts on bulk, this hybrid cover is one my favorites thus far. Its raised beveled edges keep the camera and display safe from surface wear, too. The Seidio DILEX Pro Case for Galaxy Note 5 comes in black, blue, red, and can be purchased on its own if holsters aren't your thing. The entire DILEX Pro Combo is available from Amazon for $54.95 in all colors as well.

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