Seeing the light [#acpodcast]

Daniel Bader and Andrew Martonik, are joined by associate editor Hayato Huseman to talk about the creepiness of Facebook, the upside of notches, and taptic engine performance on Android devices.

They also discuss the new Acer Chromebook Tab 10 — the first Chrome OS tablet to hit the market. Plus, the crew takes a look at the triple threat Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, the Porsche Design Mate RS, and why software continues to be such a big problem for Samsung.

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  • Yes! Daniel & Martin, love the podcasts as always! Bring on the dog Daniel, kind regards Richard U.K
  • I wish I could get as excited about anything as you seem to get about this podcast lol. Is Martin a nickname for Andrew?
  • Yes, I was that excited I said Martin instead of Andrew! Lol. Sad life I know
  • Hey man, whatever brings you joy... Find your bliss.
  • AC podcast + pumping iron = perfectly toned nerd muscles. 🏋 Oh, and Happy Easter too! 🐰
  • You may want to pump the iron a bit more... you look a little thin in your picture ;) Seriously though: Happy Easter to you as well!
  • Listening the podcast now great work as usual.
  • #FuckTheNotch
  • Yeah, fuçk the notch is right! One person says the notch adds real estate, the next says the manufacturers want app developers to ignore the spaces next to the notch. So, apparently, I gain screen space, even though the spaces are black while watching YouTube and other apps. Makes sense. I prefer the bezel at the top of my Note8, thanks.
  • If done right it will look like a bezel.
    Just a black bar across the top of the phone.
    Only difference should be this bezel can hold notifications.
  • A podcast ? It's 2018 AC, come on you should know better. Next issue released on cassette tape ?
  • So the take on FaceBook is "You're holding it wrong". What they did was legal, but not something I would consider ethical. If I was involved in FaceBook from the development side, I would have said "We should put an extra warning notification or call attention to the permissions and data usage, as this is going beyond the typical app". Regardless of your perspective on the notch, it's still a compromise in asthetics and engineering. The companies don't have to justify it now, because Android Central is the new champion and agressive supporter of "the notch", belittling those that dislike it. But, thanks for pointing out that we lost screen going to 18:9. I cared, and I cared enough to point it out several times. Amen to "The Matrix" being in the top Si-Fi films, and each sequel being progressively worse. I don't see any ads for buying the move for $5. I'd buy it right now. Is two day battery life really qualify a phone for "insane endurance"? If that's so, then you guys need to revisit the U11 with the software updated to Two day life is the new normal now, on a 3,000 mAh battery. Three days with moderate use, FIVE days using powersave 60% of the time. Speaking of the P20 and Pro, I would consider the S9 software to be far more usable than EMUI. I am kind of curious why they went with LCD on one and OLED on the other, unless it was for cost savings. I really don't know which one is better in this case. I know, I know... most people would automatically say the OLED is better without seeing them, but that's not always the case. Today I had an hour and a half to play around with an acquaintance's Note 8 side by side with a U11, and to be honest, the Note screen looked soft and lacked sharpness. I guess preferences vary, but I would rather have the slightly less intense blacks than dark gradient banding, especially if the LCD image is sharper.
  • The notch is not an addition to a phone.
    It's just the bezel either side has been removed.
    When that removed bezel is replaced with black bars it appears to be a bezel again.
    Only difference aesthetically should be notifications in the fake bezel and extra screen where the notification bar used to be.