Wish you had some more data right about now? Looking to save some money, too? Verizon has a deal you'll be interested in. New customers can save $10 per month using one of Verizon's Prepaid plans, and these plans currently have double the data! While there are several iterations of Prepaid, the $10 a month savings only works on the 16GB and Unlimited versions. If you sign up for Auto Pay, you'll save another $5 off the total, and you can save another $60 by porting in your number. That's money back in your pocket with plenty of data to keep up with everything happening in the world today.

Prepay and Save

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Verizon Prepaid Phone Plans

Whether you want to bring your own phone or grab a new one, you can save $10 on Verizon's prepaid plans, which offer a few other ways to save and double the data when you sign up with a new account!

As low as $35 a month

This is a limited-time deal. You'll need to activate a new phone (or bring your own) on a $50 or $70 phone plan (referring to the 16GB and Unlimited plans mentioned above) for a single line or as the first line on a Family Account. You'll first see the $10 credit applied to your bill starting in the second month.

This deal, combined with Auto Pay, essentially brings the $50 phone plan down to $35 a month. You'll get 8GB of data with an extra 8GB at no additional cost. The Unlimited plan becomes $55 a month instead of $70, which is also great.

With Prepaid plans, you have a ton of flexibility. For example, since that "double data" is additional to whatever you signed up with, you can switch to a different plan and still keep the extra data. Also you can start with a single line and then add more for your family later. You'll save money with each new line, too.

Bring your own phone to the party or grab a new one with Verizon. They have a wide variety of models from the $60 Motorola Moto E5 Go to the $1,150 iPhone XS Max. There's something for everyone, no matter which platform you prefer.

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