Save 50% on two Star Wars wireless charging pads in this can't-miss deal

Star Wars Mandalorian Wireless Charger Hero White
Star Wars Mandalorian Wireless Charger Hero White (Image credit: Geeknet)

Anyone that needs a new wireless charging pad is in luck this Black Friday. Two Star Wars-themed wireless charging pads are half off right now, meaning you can save $25 no matter which model you prefer. One is the iconic Millennium Falcon, while the other is Mando's helmet from the Mandalorian. If you've been eyeing the best Android wireless chargers for a while, this is the time to act.

Both pads start to glow whenever your phone is done, with Mando's visor and the Falcon's engines giving off a blue glow, so you always know when your phone is ready to go. Both pads are also compatible with the latest Samsung and Apple phones, so you'll be good no matter what phone you've got, as long as it supports wireless charging.

The chargers also use USB-C-type cables, making them easy to set up and hook into an outlet. No matter whether you're on a trip or need a new office accessory, these are a cute way to keep your phone charged while showing off your Star Wars love at the same time.

Two Star Wars wireless chargers for 50% off

Since these wireless chargers are normally $50 and are always exclusive to GameStop, it's extraordinarily unlikely you'll see a better deal anytime soon. We also don't know how long this deal will be available for, so given the low price, we'd recommend acting fast and grabbing one right now before the sale ends or stock runs out.

Samuel Tolbert

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