Arguably one of the more popular cases from Samsung is this clear flip cover that's designed to present simple features such as time, incoming/missed calls, and preview notifications without having to flip it open. The Samsung ID chip embedded in the front cover is what makes the magic possible, however, its features are rather limited when compared to the likes of the HTC Dot View Case. Basically, you have to really like the style of this case to make it your day-to-day guardian for the Galaxy Note 5.

The semi-transparent plastic cover shields the Note 5's display, and shows basic information by tapping the power button or slightly opening the case. Through the cover things are a bit blurry, making texts difficult to read without flipping it open. When a call comes in, it will display the caller ID and allow you to answer by swiping to the right. While on a call, you can toggle the speakerphone, mute the mic, and hang up. Each function requires a long press for a response — nowhere near as responsive as the actual display.

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The inside of the front cover isn't exactly soft, but it is smooth. There's an indentation for the Note 5's home button next to the ID chip, keeping the case from activating the display while closed. The cover flaps freely without any magnet securing it shut, and a speaker cutout can be found at the top for clear calls without opening. Between both sides of the S-View Clear Flip Case is a polyurethane featuring the volume icons. The back shell isn't see-through, with the exception of all four corners.

When handling the S-View Clear Flip Cover, expect an impressive collection of fingerprints on both sides. The plastic isn't scratch-proof by any means, either. After only a few days of use, I've already accumulated light scuffs on the case's glossy, mirrored shell. This issue is common with older versions of the case as well, taking value out of its main feature. Snapping photos or shooting video is cumbersome since you end up holding the case out like a book. Still, the case is pretty slim and hardly adds any bulk to the Note 5. With that in mind, wireless charging works flawlessly while the case is on.

All in all, the Samsung S-View Clear Flip Cover for Galaxy Note 5 lacks in quality, especially for its $54.95 price tag. If you can accept easy imperfections and enjoy its limited features with the ID chip, it's still decent for casual protection. It's currently available in black sapphire (as pictured), silver, and gold.

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