Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

As a steady stream of leaks has shown, it appears Samsung will likely launch not one but two big-screened, high-end handsets this year — the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. However if the latest reports from Korea are to be believed, it's the GS6 edge+ that'll consume of much of the company's marketing energies, not the latest in the long-running Note series. And it's even suggested that the Note 5 could see a limited or delayed international release as a result of the edge+ being the main focus of Samsung's fall lineup.

Today's report from The Korea Herald claims that the Galaxy S6 edge+ is headed for a global launch, while Samsung might opt for a more limited international release for the Galaxy Note 5.

Sources said Samsung will roll out the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus globally, while the Note 5 will be launched in selective markets such as Korea and the U.S. where the sales of the previous Note models were traditionally strong.

A Samsung official was quoted by a Korean news outlet as saying: "Samsung has almost finalized the talks with global mobile carriers to release the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, but the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 has not yet been decided."

It's not the first time we've seen indications that the Galaxy Note 5 might not be available as widely as previous Notes. Two weeks ago SamMobile reported that software development for the European Note 5 had been put on hold.

The Korea Herald suggests that de-emphasizing the Note in favor of the curved-screen edge+ could help avoid a situation, as existed between the GS6 and GS6 edge, where the curved model eats into sales of the flat one. Naturally though, be bad news for longtime Note fans looking forward to S Pen functionality and rumored features like the larger 4,100mAh battery — at least in whichever countries are affected. While the U.S. and South Korea are name-dropped as markets where Notes have traditionally sold well, and thus areas likely to get the Note 5 right out of the gate, European buyers might not be so lucky.

So we'll have to wait and see. Both the Note 5 and GS6 edge+ are rumored to be unveiled at an event in New York City in mid-August, ahead of the Berlin-based IFA trade show, which has been the launch venue for previous Notes.

Source: The Korea Herald