The brand new Galaxy Note 7 has a built-in iris scanner for another level of security, and alongside it Samsung is expanding its Samsung Pass initiative in partnership with major banks to let you access financial apps by scanning your irises. Just as it did with its fingerprint scanners before Marshmallow was released, Samsung is working with companies individually to have their apps written to use the iris scanner as a security mechanism.

Samsung Pass

At its event Samsung announced that Bank of America, Citi, US Bank, KEB Hana Bank, Shinhan Bank and Woori Bank were all exploring integration with the iris scanner, but hadn't committed to anything further than that. If implemented, you'd be able to log into these banking apps by simply looking at your Note 7 for a few seconds. Samsung is touting the iris scanner as a very secure way for logging in, and experts routinely refer to it as at least having the possibility of being more secure than a fingerprint.

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With the ubiquity of fingerprint sensors and easily-accessible fingerprint APIs in Marshmallow we've seen a rush of apps — especially those from banks — update to support them, but with this Samsung-specific implementation of the iris scanner it's hard to see it taking off as quickly. Whether third-party apps start to support the iris scanner or not you'll still be able to use it for Samsung's own apps and system-level functions, which should spur customers to give it a try.

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