Samsung needs to totally steal MagSafe charging for the Galaxy S30

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

At the iPhone 12 event, Apple did its thing where it makes existing tech sound magical and makes everyone — including me and you, just admit it — want some of it. Whether it be the latest version of Gorilla Glass with a catchy name or a LiDAR sensor to provide Time of Flight data for the camera or any of the other new-to-iPhone features we all probably wanted at least one of them in our next phone.

For me, it was the MagSafe "stuff." Specifically that wireless charger we got to see.

I'm not that excited about credit card holders or car vent mounts that can stick to the back of an iPhone using magnets (How do They Work?). I can already have a cardholder or car mount via a case or some sticky pad on the back glass. But that charger though. Having a magnet kills the one thing bad about using a round flat wireless charging pad: putting the phone in the right spot without looking.

Pixel Stand

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Now I've used plenty of great phones that charge wirelessly. For me, it's one of those must-have features that have to be there. We all have those. But because I'm that guy who never looks at what he's doing I have to use a stand-up charging cradle or I'll end up plopping down a phone in a position where it won't charge very well or won't charge at all. Apple is telling the truth; that does happen.

Imagine a world where you can use your phone while it's charging and not have to worry about busting the USB port.

But the real killer for me is the idea of using a phone while it's charging through a wireless pad. Magnets around coils (that science also isn't new, but it's also not easy to pull off) keeping a small charging pad in place looks to have the same cumbersome factor as using a phone while it's plugged in, but you're not gonna break a USB port with the magnets.

I know Samsung can do this. Samsung built the Nexus 10 which used a magnetic charging cable. Sony built that great big Xperia phone that nobody remembers the name of but people do remember the magnetic base doohickey for charging, and both were way better because of it. The bad part of those examples was the proprietary factor and how you had to have the exact right parts or it didn't work. And very few companies were willing to make third-party versions, so you didn't want to lose the cord that was in the box.

Nexus 10

Source: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central)

Using magnets to hold a Qi charger in place takes that crap away. We would be left with any company that wanted to include magnets in a small Qi pad able to do so, and if Samsung were the company to do it in a more open-ish way, companies would build those chargers.

If Samsung does it, every company will follow.

Look this isn't rocket science. Magnets aren't magical like Apple would want us to believe and magnetic "locks" on charging cables are old tech. It could be done by hobbyists even. So I know Samsung can do it. I also know that the Galaxy S30 (or S21 or S-9000 or whatever it will be called) is too far along in production for us to see it.

That doesn't make me want it any less though. Not one tiny magnetic bit.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • MagSafe is not Qi charging, it's some new Apple proprietary wireless charging. This is how Apple is able to have it charge through all of those MagSafe stackable accessories. The last thing we need is more proprietary charging standards.
  • Pretty sure it is Qi my dude
  • It's not Qi, if you read through the specs you can see Qi charging is still 7.5W, this is a new wireless charging tech.
  • Nevermind. Needed more reading
  • Magnetic accessories only exist so that people will buy more magnetic accessories. If I want a credit card case on my phone I will just buy one and use it and not care that it's magically magnetic. I only care about the charger that does support Qi.
  • Palm Pre had magnets to center it up on the charging dock- bought 2 and mounted one in the car......again Apple didnt invent dis, dis we know. Also not Qi back then......
  • I don't usually do this (anymore) but I find it genuinely fascinating that you're old enough to have owned a Pre, but spell "this" as "dis"... Unless you mean the god?
  • Lol- all good. I dont do this (anymore either) but its a quote from Kate McKinnon on SNL weekend update, a character she did. “Dis we know”. Been stuck in my head.
  • No, no, no Samsung should get their own charging method and not steal from Apple yet again.
  • Did you not read the article??? Samsung ALREADY did this YEARS AGO. So how the hell are they copying when they did it first?
  • In fact they still do it, just not on their phones for some reason. Their watch chargers use magnetic alignment. Also, beno is as beno does, Mr Garrett.
  • Funny thing is that Apple's watch charging dock also magnetically aligns and has forever. Apple just didn't bother to call that an enormous breakthrough in technology that you need to buy so you can experience a future where puppies and kittens roam free, war is a distant memory, and it rains silver dollars.
  • That's Apple adds an idea /feature /design that another company may have done that is no longer in use or doesn't catch on but does it better /cooler and it becomes popular / the trend the other other companies try to copy /clone.
  • So basically you want Samsung to go back to what they already did many years ago so people (like you) will then accuse Samsung of copying Apple??
  • Yes. I absolutely want Samsung to use a technique that exists and that they used ages ago but make it better like Apple did and I won't give a damn that Apple did it "first". None of these companies did anything first, except Motorola who invented wireless phones. And now Motorola needs to copy something and become relevant again. Let the hunger games begin and phone makers can eat other phone makers or die trying. I'm all for it.
  • Stop trying to make S30 happen. It's not going to happen! It's the S21. They're naming phones based on the year, which was confirmed before the release of the S20. That was the whole reasoning of the "20" choice. Hello! Is this thing on?
  • I'll bet you a fiver it's S30.
  • Wouldn't it be better to make a usbc type magnetic connector than going backwards to some crappy magsafe? Call it USB d or e if it's not taken... Charging and data with the same cable now found on almost everything... And some magnetic magic included! People want less proprietary crap, having to buy extra this and that for every gadget. You must have been drunk to even consider this step backwards.