Best Qi wireless portable chargers and power banks 2024

The best Qi wireless charging battery allows you to charge whenever, wherever, and however you want. Did you leave your cable at home? Charge wirelessly! Do you need a quicker burst of power for an almost dead phone? Plug in for a faster charge. While Qi wireless charging battery packs aren't quite as popular as traditional power banks, the best wireless charging portable chargers will keep you topped off and ready to roll no matter where you've camped out during your daily errands.

These portable wireless charging packs do away with wires

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What are the best wireless charging portable chargers for your phone?

We have some Qi power banks from traditional power players like Anker's PowerCore III 10K, and most mainstream brands are finally in the portable Qi game. Most Android phones that support wireless charging can be juiced up with Qi-enabled chargers, even if they have propriety charging profiles for wireless charging. You might not reach the top wireless charging speed, but they'll definitely work. Not clear about how all of it works? Read our explainer on wireless fast charging and how it works.

If the price for the Anker's 10,000mAh model is a little too steep, consider the Aukey Basix Pro with its higher capacity and kickstand for topping off while you keep watching that live stream.

Meanwhile, iOttie iON Wireless Go has a slightly larger profile and a softer and more premium look, which makes it great for travelers looking for a power bank that will draw the right kind of attention during that four-hour boardroom meeting.

Wirelessly charging your phone is still worse than wired charging

Wireless chargers by their very nature will lose more power during the charging process than regular wired chargers. Qi charging has a lower transfer efficiency, so more energy is lost generating the wireless charging current than lost through wired charging. It will be slower than wired charging on almost any wireless charger on a power bank today. That's just how the science involved here works. That said, charging with a Qi bank rather than a USB-C cable sticking out of your pocket or tangled around your desk can be a very beneficial thing, especially on the go.

On the note of pocket charging, wireless charging generates heat, so if you intend to slap your phone on a wireless charger in your pocket, you need to be mindful of that heat and its possible buildup. You should also make sure the phone stays properly aligned on your power bank instead of sliding around and not getting charged at all.

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