About two months after holding its big Unpacked press conference to announce the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold, Samsung's announced it's going to be hosting another event on April 10.

Per a press release on the Samsung Newsroom, it's stated that:

On April 10th, Samsung Electronics will unveil its latest Galaxy A devices designed for the way we communicate in the Era of Live. The reveal will take place in Bangkok, Milan, and São Paulo.

For what it's worth, the rumor mill seems to think that this is where Samsung's Galaxy A90 phone will be announced. The A10, A30, and A50 have all proven to be solid mid-rangers for the company, with AC's Harish even going as far as to say that the A50 is "the new budget champion." With the A90 expected to be an even more powerful version of it, we could be in for something special. However, with Samsung referring to "Galaxy A devices", it sounds like we'll see more than one phone get unveiled.

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It's also worth noting that Samsung did previously say it would be hosting another event in April to talk more about the Galaxy Fold, so it's possible this is where we'll get more details on that, too.

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