Last October, Samsung released the Gear IconX 2018 wireless earbuds. It's not a perfect package, but it's vastly improved compared to its predecessor. A new software update is rolling out to the earbuds right now, and there's a lot included with it.

For starters, Samsung's added a new Equalizer for the earbuds. With this, you can switch between five pre-made audio profiles to make your music sound as great as can be – including Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear, and Treble Boost.

Next to the Equalizer button in the Samsung Gear app, you'll find another new option called "Ambient Sound." Tapping on this allows you to control how much ambient noise the earbuds let in or block out, and you can also toggle a Voice Focus setting that amplifies the voices of others around you.

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Last but certainly not least, Wireless Transfer finally lets you transfer music to the Gear IconX's 4GB of internal storage without having to mess with cables. You can transfer multiple tracks at once, and it should make managing your music library considerably easier.

The update is rolling out to the Gear IconX 2018 now, and if you don't already have a pair for yourself, you can nab one with the button below.

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