The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the latest subject of an iFixit teardown, and much like its edgy sibling, the smartphone came out with a pretty low repair score.

In their teardown, the folks at iFixit gave the Galaxy S6 a repair score of just 4 out of 10. While they gave the smartphone props for the modular nature of its components, the S6 scored some negatives for its glass panels, with iFixit noting that the strong adhesive on the rear glass makes it difficult to crack the device open. Likewise, the S6 was marked off for the difficulty in replacing the glass without destroying the display.

One area in which the Galaxy S6 fared slightly better than the S6 Edge was access to the battery. As shown in its recent teardown, in order to remove the S6 Edge's battery, a user would have to remove the motherboard as well. That doesn't appear to be the case with the Galaxy S6, as some extra wiggle room inside of the device allowed Samsung to run the battery cable on top of the motherboard.

For a much closer look at the teardown and how the Galaxy S6 scored just 4 out of 10 for repairability, check out iFixit's full teardown from the source link below.

Source: iFixit