Samsung Galaxy S10e lying on a tableSource: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

What you need to know

  • A "Galaxy S10 Lite," model SM-G770F has appeared in FCC filings tipped to XDA Developers.
  • The Galaxy S10 Lite is a long-rumored device with four cameras and impressive battery specs.
  • It is unclear how the "Lite" device fits into the current device lineup.

The rumored Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has dropped paperwork at the Federal Communications Commission — a necessary step before a phone is launched but no guarantee. Tipsters cued XDA Developers to a filing that included the name Galaxy S10 Lite, as well as the model number SM-G770F. The current Galaxy S10e bears the model number SM-G970F.

The Galaxy S10 Lite is rumored to have a lage battery, a large screen, and myriad camera options — so the "Lite" moniker is something of an enigma.

A best guess might have more to do with the materials and the launch cycle than the actual device itself. While a Galaxy S10 Lite might seem like an odd fit against the Galaxy S10e, the device would more likely be launched after the new year around the Galaxy S11 announcements in early Spring.

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At this time frame, a "new" Galaxy S10 device would fill in a lower run on Samsung's product ladder, while still refreshing the brand a bit. Cheaper materials and overall less expensive production costs would allow Samsung to drop the price on this phone that bears a former flagship name while still offering new-ish flagship features.

Colorful Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The cool Galaxy phone

The Galaxy S10e is one of the few "compact" high-end phones available today. It offers a near-complete Galaxy S10 experience, and does it for considerably less money and in a size anyone can handle. You lose the stellar battery life and huge screen of the S10+ — but maybe the future Galaxy S10 Lite will solve those problems.

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