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Choice is good right? Following on from fellow british carrier Three's announcement, Vodafone UK have also confirmed this morning that the Samsung Galaxy S III is available today on their network. Vodafone are supposed to be carrying the 32GB versions in both colors exclusively for the time being, but have confirmed that both are delayed by "2-4 weeks." 

Prices on Vodafone aren't quite as alluring as those elsewhere though. The phone can still be had free of charge on a new 2-year deal, but the price for this on Vodafone is £41 a month. For a "limited time" their price plans will include 2GB of data, which for many average users is plenty.  2GB of BTOpenzone WiFi access is also included in the plan. For the full press release, click on past the break. 

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Samsung GALAXY S III 16GB White 
now available at Vodafone UK

For a limited time price plans include 2GB of mobile data

The 16GB White version of the Samsung GALAXY S III is now available free on £41, 24 month price plans including 900 minutes, unlimited texts and an introductory offer of a whopping 2GB of mobile data, as well as 2GB of BT Openzone access.

The Samsung GALAXY S III is the most pre-ordered Android device to join Vodafone's smartphone line-up to date and is packed with unique new features: Pop-up Play (see video below) makes it possible to watch video while texting; Smart Stay knows when you're looking at the screen; and Best Photo picks your best photo for you automatically.

If Samsung’s new flagship device tempts customers to make the jump to Android for the first time, Vodafone’s innovative RED Box will transfer their contacts, text messages, pictures and videos to their new mobile.

The Vodafone Tech Team have been training hard for the last month and are fully up to speed on the new Samsung GALAXY S III – they are online, in store and on the phone to guide customers on how to set up their new mobile exactly the way they want it.

The Samsung GALAXY S III is also available on Vodafone’s Data Test Drive, which enables pay monthly smartphone customers to use as much data as they like, for whatever they like, for three months so they can fully explore what their brand new Samsung GALAXY S III has to offer. At the end of the three month period we’ll let them know exactly how much data they’ve used and whether the price plan they’ve chosen suits their needs.

For more information please visit the Vodafone online shop.

Notes to editors:

Vodafone UK pre-order customers who have selected the 16GB White version of the Samsung GALAXY S III will start receiving their orders from today, 30 May. Vodafone UK is expecting to be able to deliver the 32GB White, 16GB Blue and the 32GB Blue versions to pre-order customers over the next 2-4 weeks, subject to Samsung shipments.

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