Galaxy Note 4

Is Samsung's big phone a big hit? We reflect on two months with the Note 4.

When Samsung refreshes the Galaxy Note line, people take notice — and the leap this year was as big as any other. After an imperfect Galaxy S5 that didn't exactly blow us away, the Galaxy Note 4 really hit it out of the park. A ridiculously high-quality display is backed up by a new metal design, while the camera brings important improvements and the internals hit new highs.

We're now just two months removed from the launch of the Note 4, and while all of us here at Android Central have spent our fair share of quality time with the phone, two of us are still carrying it on a regular basis. Alex Dobie and myself have been using the Note 4 since launch, more or less, and want to reflect on our experiences — both highs and lows — with the phone. We have plenty to talk about, so join us after the break.