Samsung announces major Galaxy A launch this week — here's what we expect

Samsung Galaxy A event invite
(Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Samsung has announced that its next smartphone launch will occur on Thursday, March 17.
  • The company will launch the latest phone or phones in its mid-range Galaxy A lineup.
  • Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy A53, A73, and possibly the Galaxy A33.

Samsung may have just launched a pair of Galaxy A smartphones, but the company is not slowing down when it comes to mid-range products. On Sunday, the company announced that it is holding a launch event on March 17 where it will reveal the latest in its Galaxy A lineup. The event invite doesn't detail what we can expect, but it provides a few visual clues.

The invite, shown below, shows several differently designed blocks with the letter A. The first likely hints at the design, as the new phones are expected to rock the same design language across the lineup, while another block references water resistance, something that Samsung brought to last year's Galaxy A52 5G.

Samsung's Galaxy A event invite

(Image credit: Samsung)

It's not entirely clear what the other blocks represent, but there could be hints of fast charging, AMOLED displays, and low-light photography. The Galaxy A33, for example, is expected to feature a 6.4-inch FHD+ 90Hz AMOLED display, a major upgrade over the HD+ LCD on its predecessor. It may also be powered by Samsung's own Exynos 1200 chipset, although rumors indicate it could lose the headphone jack.

The Galaxy A53 is said to feature a larger 5,000mAh battery and may be powered by an Exynos 1280 chipset. The Galaxy A73 is rumored to feature a 120Hz display, slimmer bezels, and be powered by the Snapdragon 778G chipset for 5G connectivity.

Samsung's last major Galaxy A launch event happened on March 17, 2021, so this year's event will happen exactly one year later. This makes it likely that the event will bring the successors to some of the best budget Android phones of 2021. That said, it's unclear which devices Samsung will announce at the event if not all three.

The Galaxy A event will be broadcast on Samsung's website and the company's official YouTube channel at 10 am ET.

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