Before talking about the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung decided to kick off its Unpacked event by coming right out and unveiling its highly anticipated foldable phone. Now, we know that the device is called the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

We got an early look at the phone back at Samsung's developer conference in November, but the body of the phone was hidden in a large, bulky case. Now, we finally know what the Fold will actually look like.

When the Galaxy Fold is opened up, it features a large 7.3-inch AMOLED display. With this large canvas, you can either focus on one app with the entire interface or run up to three apps simultaneously. When you close the phone, you get a smaller outer display with a more generic phone-like form factor.

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Samsung's done a lot of work to make sure these two screens co-exist with one another rather than being separate. This comes together as part of a feature called App Continuity, and it looks pretty incredible. For example, if you're looking at Facebook on the outer display, you can open up the Fold and then seamlessly have the app re-open exactly where you left off on the inner display.

When it comes to batteries, Samsung actually outfitted the Galaxy Fold with two individual packs that create for a total combined supply of 4380mAh.

Hope you have a spare $2000 lying around.

You'll also find a total of six cameras (three on the back, two on the inside, one on the front), 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of internal storage. There's also a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Samsung's launching the Galaxy Fold on April 26 in LTE and 5G variants for a staggering $1,980. We weren't expecting the phone to be cheap, but good lord. Nearly $2000. That's going to be tough to swallow.

Now that it's here and we know how much it'll cost, are you excited for the Galaxy Fold?