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Ring's new Smart Lighting is now available with prices starting at $30

Back at CES 2019 Ring introduced its Smart Lighting lineup (opens in new tab) for the first time, but it hasn't been made available for purchase until just now. The lights integrate right into your existing Ring setup and can be set to turn on when cameras detect motion and more. Unlike other Ring products, the Smart Lighting requires its own Bridge to work, so your best bet to start out is the two light starter kit (opens in new tab), which is just $79.99. If you were to buy all the pieces in the starter kit on their own, they'd cost you over $100, so you're also saving about $30 on this bundle.

With the Ring Smart Lighting you can receive notifications through the Ring app when they turn on, control them via the app, and connect them to work alongside your other cameras. You can group them as you prefer to have specific areas light up at various times, or you can use them all at the same time. They integrate easily with Amazon's Alexa, so with a simple voice command you can have them turn on or off, which is a huge help if you're expecting a delivery or want to thwart off a stranger.

To help automate things, you can add motion sensors (opens in new tab) to the outside areas, and if you aren't interested in putting in a Floodlight Camera, you can install a Floodlight Smart Light (opens in new tab) that is motion-activated and uses its bright 600 Lumen bulbs to ensure you can see everything nicely. There are also smaller Spotlights (opens in new tab) that you can use if you don't want to light up a big area. With all these choices, there's no reason not to consider adding some of this to your existing Ring gear.

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  • Pre-ordered a Ring Bridge and two Ring Smart Lighting wired floodlights back when they were first made available for pre-order on Amazon. The initial promised release/delivery dates were in mid-April 2019, which slipped at the last minute to mid-May 2019 for unexplained reasons. Finally received my order yesterday. Despite no less than 6 different attempts to install and setup the Ring Bridge, it would only progress as far as its automatic firmware update, then gave me an error code of "Firmware Update Failed" all six times. Not an external issue...router is fine, wifi coverage is excellent, followed all installation/setup instructions to the letter...still, no joy from the Ring Bridge. Ring Customer Service was just as clueless...ran their own internal diagnostics, could find nothing wrong on their end, promised to elevate the problem to the next level of tech support. Meanwhile, I've been waiting 4 months to replace two broken outside security lights on our house so I could use these new Ring floodlights, and the damn Bridge is defective right out of the box. Packaged everything up and returned it all to Amazon this morning. Maybe I was just unlucky and others will have better experiences, but this was my first experience with a Ring product and it was a big disappointment...enough so that I will never buy another one. Now it's down to Lowe's or Home Depot for two new security lights that I absolutely know for certain won't fail me.
  • Hi frozenchosin,
    We appreciate your feedback and we will certainly pass this along to the appropriate team members. Your happiness and overall satisfaction with Ring is our top priority and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. If you wish to discuss this in more detail, please email me at Thank you!
    Jennifer F., Community Manager
  • They are 80 lumens each, NOT 600 lumens as it says in your Post. Not even 300 lumens each to make it 600 for the pair.
    Check Your Facts before listing the Specifications!
  • The 600 lumens is in reference to the Ring Flood light.