Review: Spigen Slim Armor case for Galaxy S7 edge

Your Galaxy S7 edge has a beautiful screen and body that requires protection from everyday wear. In the over-saturated market of phone cases it is sometimes difficult to decide which is best for you and your smartphone. If you're looking for something rugged yet slim, this might be your case.

Let's break things down in terms of style, features, and design.


Spigen Slim Armor case for Galaxy S7 edge

The Slim Armor case has a two-piece design made up of an anti-stretch TPU sleeve and a polycarbonate outer shell. This gives your phone some protection against pressure (e.g. if you sit on it or lean against something while it's in your pocket) while giving you something to grip when it's in your hand. We found it fared well against in-hand slippage, but hand moisture and other conditions might change its gripping potential.

You can choose from five colors to best suit your style: Gunmetal, Champagne Gold, Metal Slate, Violet, and Shimmery White. Note that the TPU sleeve remains black in all versions except violet, in which the sleeve is a shade of violet to match the outer shell.


Review: Spigen Slim Armor case for Galaxy S7 edge

This case will allow your phone to charge wirelessly at full speed, great if you're sick of worrying about your phone being knocked off its charger while not in a case. As mentioned, its two-part design offers double protection against the elements. The outer shell features a kickstand that lets you horizontally prop up your phone on any relatively flat surface.


Spigen Slim Armor case for Galaxy S7 edge

The beautiful S7 edge screen does not fare well when dropped on its corner while not in a case. Slim Armor has certified military-grade protection, complete with air cushions on the corners for extra drop protection. Expect it to handle corner drops. The TPU sleeve also acts as a shock absorber to protect your phone's brains from everyday use.

With a raised lip at the top and bottom of the case, your phone can be set screen-down without suffering any damage. Because there are no lips on the sides (to allow full use of the edge screen), dropping the phone on its side or on the edge of the screen could result in damage.

This case covers the side buttons but does not mess with their functionality. The bottom ports and speaker are left open and the entire face of the phone is uncovered. If you're looking for extra water protection this is not the case for you. It is, however, a relatively thin case that offers decent protection.

The Bottom Line

Spigen Slim Armor case for Galaxy S7 edge

Easy to put on and easy to remove, this is a snug and sleek option as far as phone cases go. With the added functionality the kickstand provides, you can save some money by avoiding two purchases.

If this type of case isn't your thing, check out the best clear cases or best overall cases for your Galaxy S7 edge.

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