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The secondhand smartphone market is perfect for Android junkies who need to get their hands on everything, but that's pretty far from its primary purpose. Secondhand smartphone sales sites let people sell their existing device to pay for the next one, for sure, but these services let people pick up decent phones, often significantly cheaper than the suggested retail price. A recent post in our forums raised an interesting question about the ability to sell Samsung's latest flagships, specifically whether or not the lack of a microSD card slot or removable battery will negatively impact the ability to sell the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge. While it's true that secondhand consumers are often not looking for the same things as the people who pick up a phone on the day it is released in stores, a quick look at how secondhand markets treat existing phones offers the answer we're looking for.

Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6



There are a lot of contributing factors in the acceptable price for a secondhand smartphone sale, but if you take a look at the devices that are on the market today you'll see that battery life and removable storage aren't usually on that list. Using the sale price average graphs offered by Swappa when you look for a device, you see the most obvious thing that negatively effects the price of a device is time. The longer you hold on to a device the less you'll be able to sell it for. Popularity is often a significant factor in the price of a device in secondhand retail sites, and that's something Samsung clearly doesn't have a problem with if you look at the attention the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge has received so far. Whether it's the Nexus 5, HTC One M8, or Galaxy Note 4 it's clear popular devices will sell in secondhand retail sites even if the battery is hard to get to.

Buying a secondhand phone only to find the battery was wrecked by the previous user is a legitimate concern, and for users who find themselves in that situation with the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge it's important to remember the battery is serviceable. Recent teardowns revealed just how complicated it is to get to the battery in these new phones, demonstrating quite clearly that you probably won't be replacing the battery yourself, but there will be repair centers with clean rooms equipped to handle this sort of thing with little problem.

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