Galaxy Note 7

Update: A spokesperson for Samsung India has confirmed that the company won't sell refurbished units of the Galaxy Note 7 in the country: "The report on Samsung planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphone[s] in India is incorrect."

Original story follows:

Samsung announced the findings of its Galaxy Note 7 investigation last month, detailing that two separate battery issues were to blame for the device catching on fire. With Samsung now recovering most of the Note 7 units sold worldwide, it looked like the device's troubled tale has reached its conclusion.

However, a new report out of Korea suggests that Samsung is looking to sell refurbished units of the Galaxy Note 7 in India and Vietnam as a way to recoup some of its losses. Samsung has recovered 98% of Note 7 devices sold globally, and used 200,000 devices to conduct battery tests, leaving the company with 2.5 million units in its inventory. Instead of disposing the devices, Samsung will fit smaller batteries in the range of 3000mAh to 3200mAh, and sell them in emerging markets.

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The Hankyung report states that Samsung will finish refurbishing the devices by May, with sales set to kick off by June. The company will reuse the core components, but is said to be designing a new case for the device. By reintroducing the Galaxy Note 7 in select markets, Samsung will also be looking to work around the environmental issues involved in the disposal of 2.5 million handsets.

It is unlikely that Samsung will be able to bring the Note 7 back to the U.S. or European markets following its ban, but the device wasn't officially sold in India, and as such the company will have an easier time marketing the device in the country. A June timeframe also means that the device would compete with the Galaxy S8 in these markets, although Samsung will undoubtedly introduce the Note 7 at a lower price point.

Although Samsung is looking to recover some of its losses, a move to re-introduce the device may not be the wisest of decisions considering the Note 7 name is caustic at this point. That said, it is likely Samsung would rebrand the device in these markets. What do you guys think of the decision? Would you be interested in buying a refurbished Galaxy Note 7?