Galaxy Note 9 on Duo charger

Typically the best way to get lots of free goodies with a phone is to either pre-order it right from the start, or wait a few months for the hype to wear off. In the case of the Note 9, Samsung has some solid deals even though we're just a week removed from its retail launch. If you buy from either Amazon or, you'll still pay full price for the phone but get some free accessories you may have been angling to buy anyway.

Over on Amazon, you can buy a Galaxy Note 9 for the typical $999 retail price and get a free Wireless Charger Duo ($119 value) and a free DeX Pad ($69 value) thrown in. Just be sure to select the option for the bundle rather than the phone. This is the same proper U.S. unlocked phone with a warranty and compatibility with U.S. carriers you'd find from Samsung's website.

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If you buy the Note 9 from Samsung instead, you can grab the Note 9 and get a free Wireless Charger Duo and your choice of one of many cases that retail for $39-59 each. The deal isn't applicable to every case Samsung sells, but most of them: the S-View Flip Cover, Rugged Protection Cover, LED Wallet Cover and Leather Wallet Cover.

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This may make that $999 price a bit more palatable in the end.

If you're just looking for something else to spend that new-found savings on, Samsung's own site has an additional deal where you can drop an extra $99 on the bundle to get a pair of IconX (2018) wireless earbuds, which normally retail for $179.

These incentives may not be quite as widely appealing or valuable as some of the pre-order incentives and deals we saw with the Galaxy S9 and Note 8, but if you were already planning on dropping the big money on Samsung's new Duo charger or one of its (very expensive) cases, this is a pretty substantial savings. It may even make that $999 price a bit more palatable in the end.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9


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