PlayStation VR is becoming a much larger VR platform, and with that comes a lot more games. With PlayStation unleashing new games almost every month, it's hard not to be excited by seeing what has already been released. Here are some of the unreleased VR games that we're most excited about that are releasing in December of 2018!

Arca's Path

*Coming December 4**

Here you'll find yourself trapped in a mysterious world named Arca. You'll need to manipulate the scene around you in order to escape. This game is full of puzzles that require you to roll a ball through a maze in order to get it to the other side. Work your way through the bridges, elevators, walls and moving roads to make your way to the next level. There are even timed challenges and the ability to compete against friends!

Gungrave VR

*Coming December 4**

Life never remains normal for too long. Since SEED infectees have started showing up in the world again our heroes Mika and Grave have been pulled out of early retirement. You are the only thing stopping this world from being destroyed. You and your guns, that is. Raise the highest combo and see all the fancy moves you can pull! You can pre-order this game on Amazon for $40.

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Borderlands 2 VR

Coming December 14

This VR reboot has new features that make the game more friendly for playing alone because there are no multiplayer options. Skills have been upgraded to do higher effects and a BadAss Mega Fun (BAMF) feature has been added. BAMF is an ability to slow down time during combat so you can dodge bullets or use one of your fancy action skills. You can pre-order this game on Amazon for $50.

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Scraper: First Strike

Coming December 18

Scraper: First Strike is set in the future and revolves around an ongoing war between New Austin and a dangerous AI robot named Cifer. Your name is Casey Maxwell and you're a Modified Hover Pot pilot who is apart of the Human Resistance Force. You have a mission to reclaim stolen property from Humech robots and drive them out of your city. Can you save humanity?

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Which VR game are you looking forward to?

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Updated December 2018: We've updated this article with brand new games we're excited to see in December 2018!

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