PlayStation VR is becoming a much larger VR platform, and with that comes a lot more games. With PlayStation unleashing new games almost every month, it's hard not to be excited by seeing what has already been released. Here are some of the unreleased VR games that we're most excited about that are releasing this month!

★ Featured favorite - August 13: Sairento VR

Imagine if the matrix was set in futuristic yet feudal Japan and you were a samurai performing gravity-defying leaps across the landscape while shooting and sword fighting the bad guys. Well, you don't have to imagine, because that's what Sairento gives you. Sairento VR is releasing as a physical disc on August 13, 2019.

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Summer 2019: Golem

Discover science and magic with Golem, coming to the PlayStation VR sometime this summer. In this game, a woman worked diligently to not only make the perfect Golem but create a link to control it from her own bedroom. Experience the mind behind the Golem as you complete puzzles, destroy enemies, and discover the truths hidden in a barren desert.

Check out the trailer here

Summer 2019: Luna

Staff favorite

Luna is one of the more aesthetically pleasing games that's releasing this summer. Not only are you completely surrounded by gorgeous storybook-like scenery, but the entire environment around you reacts to your touch with music. Follow your bird friend, complete the puzzles, and fix the world you are both inhabiting.

Check out the trailer here

Summer 2019: No Man's Sky Beyond

Fly a spacecraft, drive a rover, control a mecha, edit the world around you, and shoot to your heart's desire. No Man's Sky Beyond is the perfect way to explore a galaxy from far far away, both on the surface and in the depths of the ocean, from inside of a VR headset.

Check out the trailer here

Summer 2019: Battlewake

Essentially Sea of Thieves in VR, Battle wake is looking to be the definitive pirate adventure in PlayStation VR. The Beta is starting soon, and we can't wait to play some of this epic looking game.

Check out the trailer here

Fall 2019: The Walking Dead: Onslaught

In Onslaught, you get to be a part of one of the biggest franchises in recent years. As you can imagine from a Walking Dead title, there will be zombies to kill, lots and lots of zombies. So far, the game looks bloody and brutal, which should be fun!

Check out the trailer here

Which VR game are you looking forward to?

There isn't much releasing this month that's new. If you like physical discs, though, then you should definitely pick up Sairento VR when it arrives on August 13. It's one of those games that is really pushing the VR genre forward and showing us what is possible in a VR world.

Other than that, this summer is a little slow when it comes to games releasing for the PlayStation VR. While we're all excited for any of these titles to release, it may be time to check out the upcoming PlayStation 4 games while you wait for more games to hit your headset.

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