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What color Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 should you buy?

Not much is new when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its various colorways, though that might not be helpful when deciding which color you should buy. 

Samsung's folded Note successor retains the Phantom Black shade from the Z Fold 3 lineup and and rebrands the Phantom Green. However, there is a third color that is new to the Z Fold 4. Between the three models, let's see which one is the most deserving of your attention.

The many colors of the Z Fold 4

Three great colors, one for you to call your own

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 continues to be the grown-up iteration in Samsung's foldable lineup. Unlike the trendy colors of the Z Flip 4, the larger Z Fold 4 comes in subdued tones that are anything but boisterous. Two of the colors are identical to last year's options, but the third is a new addition.

Beige is the freshest and most interesting color of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 that you can buy. The name might make you think of your dad's car seats, but it actually looks splendid in the flesh. With subtle hues of buttery yellow and soft gold, you won't be disappointed with this color.

Don't favor light colors much? Let us introduce you to the Graygreen variant of the Z Fold 4. It succeeds the dark Phantom Green from last year's Z Fold 3. This colorway is closer to the green shade from the S22 series and we're not complaining one bit. The ashy tint takes away some of that forest green tone from the Phantom Green from last year and replaces it with an elegant, almost charred green that we love.

Namerah Saud Fatmi
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