Pelican Voyager Case for Galaxy Note 5

Similar in build quality to that of OtterBox and Lifeproof, the Voyager Case focuses on the needs of the rugged Note 5 user. That means serious impact protection that's going to hold up when your device hits the turf. It includes a 2-piece snap on cover, separate screen protector, and a belt holster for quick draw access at your side.

Pelican Voyager Case for Galaxy Note 5

Both the belt holster and screen protector are optional extras, but are generally used if you're going the distance in terms of protecting your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The protector isn't a tempered glass, however, it is specially coated to be completely scratch resistant — sitting nicely while the Voyager Case is worn. Since the case comes in 2 pieces, you can lay the Note 5 in the bottom shell first, which features padding to keep the back of the device free from scratches. Then, place the matching top piece around the edges, firmly snapping it into place.

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Pelican Voyager Case for Galaxy Note 5

There are raised rubber buttons along the sides for volume and power, while the charging/auxiliary ports and S-Pen are all accessible without the aggravation of port covers. The speaker and microphone are covered, but have small openings for each that allow unhindered functionality. Most of the shell is a rigid polycarbonate matched with smooth rubber strips along the back that add a fair amount of grip.

The Voyager Case is also great at keeping plenty of space between surfaces and the display, thanks to those raised edges. The same can be said for the camera on the back, adding just enough thickness that the lens stays scratch free. If you're worried about wireless charging when the case is on, you'll be pleased to know that the function still works perfectly despite its size.

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Removing the cover from the Note 5 is somewhat of a challenge if not done properly. On the bottom left corner is a slight opening where you can use a coin to pop the case apart. This design shows the Voyager Case is built for drops, and isn't ready to just bust apart on the first fumble.

Pelican Voyager Case for Galaxy Note 5

When it comes to the Voyager's holster, it's designed to hold your cased Galaxy Note 5 comfortably facing in or out. The rugged alligator clip on the back can be rotated 180-degrees, and features a metal stand underneath that folds out into 4 different positions. When the clip is in kickstand mode, you can set your Note 5 down for watching your favorite videos, Netflix, or YouTube — all hands-free. While the holster doesn't have any padding on the inside, the Galaxy Note 5's screen is never going to touch the interior while the case is on. There's even a neat little Pelican logo in the middle that rotates in unison with the rear clip.

The Pelican Voyager Case for Galaxy Note 5 is a brute, adding quite a bit of bulk to already large smartphone. It's been tested to military specifications, enduring multiple drops for optimal quality control. Pelican also provides an excellent lifetime warranty: "You break it, we replace it… forever". You can currently snag the Voyager Case from AT&T for $60, but it should also be available from additional retailers in the coming weeks.

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