The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) construction of the Pelican Protector Case keeps it just flexible enough to easily install and remove from the Galaxy S6 edge+. The easiest method is to set the phone in topside first and lay the rest into the case, pulling back the bottom a tad to snap it into place. The edging seems to be slightly more flexible than the rest of the case, especially around the side buttons and port openings at the bottom.

Speaking of buttons, the volume and power are easier to press while the case is worn, thanks to the raised rubber that sits above them. When the Galaxy S6 edge+ is faced down, the top and bottom bumper keep the display clear from surface scuffs. Inside the cover are a series of dimples and a smooth surface that's sure to keep the back of the phone free from imperfections as well.

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Flipping the Protector Case over you'll find 2 elevated layers — the bottom one featuring a Pelican signature. Surrounding the rear is a gray rubber border that matches the side buttons and front bezel. Both layers add a nice grip and aren't slippery, ensuring that the Galaxy S6 edge+ stays in your hand and off the ground. The case works great with any style wireless charger, which isn't surprising considering its thin build.

The case itself has been built to military standards and drop tested multiple times. Its quality certainly shows from inside out, not feeling cheap or flimsy. The secure hold that the Protector Case has on the Galaxy S6 edge+ keeps them together, even when the phone takes a serious dive.

Pelican has been around a long time, manufacturing protective solutions for scientific equipment and even our armed forces here in the states. The Protector Case for Galaxy S6 edge+ is slim enough for most users to enjoy and adds a secure grip that you just can't get without a cover of its kind. Their "You break it, we replace it... forever" lifetime warranty is a sweet deal, too. It's currently exclusive to AT&T, available in white/gray (as pictured) and black/gray for $50.

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