OnePlus broke its mold of releasing one flagship per year in 2016 with the launch of the OnePlus 3 in the summer and the 3T later in the fall. A new report suggests that the company will be following a similar release cycle again in 2017, and along with this, we also have a render of what's supposedly going to be the OnePlus 5T.

Just like last year, the OnePlus 5T will reportedly launch in November. Most of the internal specifications will likely be the same as the OnePlus 5 that came out a few months ago, but there will be a substantial change in design when it comes to the front of the phone.

OnePlus will supposedly be trimming down the bezels of the 5T considerably to create for a front that looks very akin to the likes of the Galaxy S8. The 5T is said to come with a 6-inch display and 18:9 aspect ratio, as well as a bump up in resolution to 2160 x 1080. This would result in a substantial change compared to the OnePlus 5's 16:9 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 display, but we need to approach this information with a giant grain of salt.

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Supposed render for the OnePlus 5T

GizmoChina claims that the source it received this information from has been reliable with other leaks in the past, but we aren't entirely convinced quite yet. For one thing, the render of what's supposedly the OnePlus 5 is identical to a render that surfaced before it for the Oppo F5. OnePlus and Oppo's close relationship has been brought up numerous times before, and while the OnePlus 5 did share a very similar body compared to the Oppo R11, we've yet to see a copy and paste design shared between the two companies. Furthermore, the lock screen that's shown in the render is clearly Oppo software and not OnePlus's OxygenOS.

Lastly, it would seem odd for OnePlus to have such a stark difference in design between the 5 and 5T. Smaller bezels and a tall aspect ratio don't seem out of place for the OnePlus 6 next year, but compared to the identical design between the 3 and 3T, this seems out of place for a T release from OnePlus.