The Nyrius Aries Prime NPCS549 wireless HDMI 1080p video transmitter and receiver is down to $169.96 on Amazon. That price is $30 off what it normally sells for and the lowest we have seen in two years.

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Nyrius Aries Prime wireless video transmitter and receiver

This device will work with your PC, Mac, laptop, gaming consoles, and more. Stream from any of those to your TV or projector with latency-free video and audio.

$169.96 $200 $30 off

This video transmitter and receiver is a great way to stream 1080p video and digital audio from your laptop or gaming console to a TV or projector. It can stream uncompressed HD video and audio easily, and the signal has zero latency even with 3D video. It's easy to set up and doesn't require a bunch of cables or software. The transmitter has a strong signal that can work through walls or ceilings, and line of sight guarantees a range up to 30 feet.

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