New Droid X video reveals secret code, can you crack the meaning?

The Droid X has seen a lot of hype and today a new promo video has surfaced along with some sort of secret code. We are unsure the meaning of the code, but it appears as though some have figured out a location to use the code. Take a look after the jump for the video, and if you figure it out, please share with us, mmmkay? Thanks MrCippy.

If you don't mind spoiling surprises, click here.

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  • I poked around online and people are saying it means "Think Again." Not really sure how they came up with it though.
  • lol Note to self, next time, read twitter instead of substituting letters over and over. It's a simple substitution cypher, and yes, it's THINKAGAIN
  • Ok, thanks for figuring out how they were getting that :) I found a few websites where they said what it meant but they weren't actually stating how they figured it out lol
  • He's correct about it being a simple substitution cipher. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
    corresponds with
  • Thank god i'm not the only person geeky enough to do that :) :thumbsup:
  • IBM's motto is THINK. Apple's is THINK DIFFERENT (a jab at Big Blue). I'm guessing THINK AGAIN is a jab at Apple.
  • cracked at Knew about the password section since the site came up, got the code and BLAMO!
  • mmmkay
  • It means: Hack Me If You Can
  • I took it to mean "Death by eFUSE"
  • <- Has been to the Transmission Log :) Obviously the cypher has nothing to do with it since it says "THINK AGAIN".
  • Yup....u take each letter of the code, and shift it 10 places down....... Think again
  • clicked the wrong reply. my bad
  • The Transmission Log actually tells you to not tell others how to find it.
    Oh well This is how I found it:
    go to, select the droid x, and look at the bottom for a place to submit a droid code. It's just a teaser right now
  • i guess its shot to THink its Think Again
  • Why would you tell everyone where to go?
  • I keep clicking the wrong reply button. I'd want to know if I couldn't figure it out. You think it would actually stay a secret???
  • Did they close it? Because theres no box on the bottom of droid does for me, i went there before i even figured out what the code was to see if i could find a box, but nope.
  • I wont spoil it...but it doesn't show every time. It's random unless you do a certain trick. Keep trying
  • [has been to the transmission log] Not fun without a GOLMKW
  • Cracked it at Sup
  • Cracked in minutes here at AC. That's what sup :)
  • ha ha ha ha ... thanks for that GB
  • it means......if you're thinking of rooting the phone, "THINK AGAIN"! :)
  • If you read the transmission log it may be the key on the bootlogger unlock? Hmmmmm just a possiblilty for you hackers out there.
  • Go to
    and type in the code on the bottom
  • It's Droid 2 related... It means, "If you think the Droid X is incredible, THINK AGAIN!" Getting ready for the next contender...
  • Geez people, it's no fun if someone just gives you the answer, these kind of cool cyphers are not for you. Poke around a little and see what you can find on your own it's much more fun that way.
  • "I WISH I WAS AN EVO or an iPHONE"
  • Verizon released a full version of the commercial they teased us with yesterday, and if you had a keen eye you may have caught a a series of letters and numbers hidden within the TV spot. If you used that same keen eye while perusing the new DroidDoes page from Verizon you may have also spotted an input field for entering your “Droid code” while watching this new commercial. If you are equally as intelligent as you are observant you may have put two and two together and found a secret Droid X page. If you’d like to experience this for yourself, just head over to the video area of the webpage and enter the following code: JXYDA QWQYD
  • The power of the internetz, lol, nothing stays secret for long.
  • it says "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."
  • Ovaltine....A Cruddy Commercial.....Son of a Bit*%!!
  • my comp is too slow for the password input lol