Sure, grown-ups love their tech. But as we all know too well, so do our kids. And while I'd love for mine to always have the latest and greatest, the fact is that's just a bad idea. My kid doesn't need a $1,000 tablet. Or even a $500 tablet, for that matter. So where to turn?

The Amazon Fire HD 8. We've had the 2016 model in my house since, well, since 2016. And now we have an updated model, starting at $79. That's with 16GB of storage and "special offers" — which means ads on the lock screen and notification pull-down. (What's crazy is that they don't really bother me that much.) The specs won't blow anyone out of the water, but it's still a pretty capable Android tablet. It's got access to Amazon's Appstore, so it has tons of books and videos and games on hand.

But most important is that if and when it gets dropped, you're not going to take out a second mortgage to replace it.

This is the only tablet I'd buy my kids at this point.

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