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Best of MWC 2019: Android Central's favorite announcements from the show

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MWC is the trade show for phones every year, and 2019 was a particularly busy edition. With the proliferation of 5G, the introduction of consumer-ready foldable phones, and a steady flow of great devices from all of the big manufacturers, it was a blast to take in all of the announcements. But some are better than the rest; they're the winners of our Best of MWC 2019 awards!

Best of MWC 2019

Bottom line

MWC 2019 ended up being the busiest of the last handful of years, with a great diversity of devices — both practical and experimental — that caught our eyes, and will catch our wallets. Every product here was well deserving of a Best of MWC award, and we can't wait to use them more as the year progresses.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • No coverage of tablets from MWC..... No one showing, or nothing new..?
  • Phones have squeaked out improvements, but I think the buying trend to delay buying until flagship are a year old is only growing much stronger. Consumers still want the best phones, but not at day one prices.
  • Most people I know are keeping their phones until they break, there has been nothing but tweeks over the years they're just not that big of a difference and little reason to upgrade anymore.
  • Well, dang! My wallet is shaking in its figurative boots! LG and Nokia - amazing! Foldable phones don't interest me, however.