Lenovo 14e Chromebook Enterprise

MWC 2019

Chromebooks are getting better and better every time we turn around, and while most of Lenovo's MWC even was devoted to ThinkPads running Windows 10, they still found the room for an appetizing enterprise-and-education-geared Chromebook that's going to be making a lot of Office Procurement managers sit up and salivate next month.

Meet the Lenovo 14e Chromebook Enterprise, a 14-inch touchscreen Chromebook with 10-hour battery life, Lenovo durability, and a starting price of $279.

With a sophisticated but durable aluminum housing, thin bezels on its 14-inch FHD touchscreen, and a fold-flat hinge, the 14e is a new take on the workhorse of the enterprise world: the 14-inch, company-issued laptop. This new style may not look as butch as Lenovo's more school-focused models, but the 14e Chromebook Enterprise meets Lenovo's education durability requirements, meaning it should be able to take a beating from clumsy employees and the normal rigors of an active workplace, but the most lucrative spec on display here is really the price.

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Category Spec
Operating system Chrome OS
Display 14-inch IPS Touchscreen
1080p or 720p
Processor 2.5 GHz A4 AMD® dual-core processor
AMD Integrated Graphics
Storage Up to 64 eMMc
Expandable microSD
RAM Up to 8GB (DDR4)
Connectivity Two USB 3.1 USB-C
Two USB 3.1 USB-A
One Audio Combo
Audio Dolby Audio
Battery 57Wh (Up to 10 hours)
Dimensions 328.4 x 225 x 17.7 mm
3.26 lb
Starting price $279

The 14e starts under $300 for a brand-new Chromebook with 2 USB-C ports for fast recharging and newer all-in-one hubs, as well as 2 USB 3.1 USB-A ports to plugging in the trusty trackball mouse or quickly transferring project files to or from a client's portable hard drive and Dolby Audio for those ripper PowerPoint animations. This understated Chromebook is quite the price performer, whether you're buying one for your wife or one thousand for your western region branches.

The competitive price and flexibility, when combined with Chrome Enterprise's easy deployment and corporate management and the continued migration towards cloud-based systems will make the Lenovo 14e Chromebook Enterprise perfect for companies looking to replace an ancient fleet of Windows laptops — and desktops, as businesses continues to shift towards more flexible workspaces.

The Lenovo 14e Chromebook Enterprise will be available in the US starting in March, and you can be sure that once it is, we intend to give it a proper shakedown.

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